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A commentary on the Light on the Lalita Sahasranama and Devi

This is text about Lalita, the Divine Mother and how Her Energy-Form Manifestations give and understanding of how "how" works. I actually have images to go with this because they are so important, but have not figured how to load them. So if you email me at, I'll diligently try to get them to You, i also have playlists at youtube under kirstanuci that have some devi stotras and sannyasin themes.
I started this months ago, and it still need some amending, but in light of all the info I have already shared, I am sending out this draft as well

This eventually comes with two parts, text and images…By far the images are more important to put together. To explain what a pakicetid is and to see a pakicetid is another thing. A pakicetid is a fossil which indicates a dog to fish evolution, dolphins (whales) have blow holes on their heads and swim up and down rather than gills and swim side to side. Purportedly, the dog’s nose moved further and further back until it became the blow hole.

The purpose of these collections of items is to Connect the dots of the Divine Mother , Her Family, and Manifestations. By placing the pictures and ideas together, it creates a House with all the Furniture in it.

If You walk through a house , the interior design indicates the style and thoughts of the Owner, by contemplating, looking at the images sides by side ( a picture is worth one thousand words ), you will be able to put aspects of the Divine Mother together and experience Her and Her Mysteries. And How She/He Manifests Energy & Form.

All the Mantras, All the Murtis, All the Scriptures, Hymns, Stotras, Bhajans, Narratives, Pujas , Gods and Gurus talk about and collectively show, give, explain, indicates the Divine only so we may experience Her Only.
The Murtis and Images of The Divine , are a Promise and Covenant: “If You worship these Forms or Tattwas - Essences - Consciousnesses You will reach Me”.

The Mantras: “I Am No Different than the Mantra. I Am the Mantra.” Shiva says that Sri Vidya is the greatest knowledge.
I began connecting the dots and I wanted to share with You a distillation and compounds of some of Amma’s discourses, and stories narratives and experiences I have found.

The Beauty of These Mantras and Images is that They have met the test of time. Again and again, Sages and Saints in India have come and gone have promulgated the Same Teachings, even though They have never had contact with each Other, They point and Indicate the Same Direction.

Some quoting Scriptures , knowing Mantras, explaining States of Consciousness without any formal and spiritual education. They All say the same thing and They indicate the Same Direction.

So, I pass These on to You knowing that They work for Me as well, By the Grace of God and Guru only.

Halfway through this pamphlet, I came upon this ,

“Amma would like the subject of Devi to be easily understood by All. One way would be to show paintings of the aspects of Devi -- just as the Hari Krishna Movement, People understood Lord Krishna from paintings. A single picture can give a thousand messages. Many speak about Devi, but no one has brought the subject to a high level. That‘s why people are not able to understand the subject of Devi. For this subject to be understood by everyone, The Devi Movement has to be started, and You have the responsibility to start it. If All were to see the pictures, They would obtain the knowledge to understand Devi. They must read the scriptures and understand many thing before meditating on Devi. Then only their meditations will be fruitful -- if done with the knowledge. It has been clearly said in the Vedas that One can worship Devi if it is His last Birth. Amma wishes that your inner qualities will change. You are entangled in this Bhandasura quality and immersed in it. You have several problems and obstacles facing You in the World. But as a Mother, I wish that You overcome them and come to The Lotus Feet of the Divine Mother. :

Numbers, Mantras, Forms, Lateral Narratives of Devi in the Devi Movement

Number 16 through 1 Om

From Light on The Lalita Sahasarama

Between the hearts
-Sri KarunaMayi , source
*-research by Kirstanuci*
16. = Shodashi

 There are 16 Kalas (qualities) in the moon
and therefore
Devi has been praised as Shodashi Rupini ,possessing 16 Auspicious and Divine qualities.
That’s why in the Shodashi Mantra “Shodasakshari Mantra” ( Shodashi means 16),
She is in the form of Shodashi (16) Bijaksharas 

* Shodakshari Mantra is:

Ka E I La Hrim
Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim
Sa Ka La Hrim Shrim

Each syllable is a bijakshara mantra
Ka E I La Hrim Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim Sa Ka La Hrim Shrim
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 *

 “Nitya Shodashikarupa Srikanthardha Sharirini (nama no 391-2, shloka 85)” :

This mantra in the Lalita Saharsranam depicts the moon as having 16 Kalas,

And from the 16th Kala - Syllable = ( the quality -“Shrim“ ) Nectar is formed.
That’s why we have the Shodashashari Mantra --just as we have 24 bijaksharas in the Gayatri Mantra.

Shodashakshari means 16 bijaksharas,

“Shodashakshari Mantra” :

* Ka E I La Hrim
Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim
Sa Ka La Hrim Shrim *

 IS



15. = Panchadasha

 When we go back one step,
it called 15 or Panchadashakshari ( 15 Bijaksharas - Syllable),
and this is also a very important bijakshara mantra of Devi.

* Panchadashakshari Mantra is:

Ka E I La Hrim
Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim
Sa Ka La Hrim

Each syllable is a bijakshara mantra
Ka E I La Hrim Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim Sa Ka La Hrim
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

The difference is that the Panchadashakshari Mantra does not have the 16th bijakshara - last syllable - “Shrim” of the Shodashakshari Mantra. *

 The next one is 14 Lokas --
There are 14 Million Galaxies in the Cosmos and She is Empress of All of Them.

Next comes Trayodashi. She gives confidence and graces the one who does this mantra with victory.

12 is Dvadashi. She is the Mother of the 12 Suns in the Universe.

Then we come to 11 Rudras (Shivas) 

* Eleven Rudras are: Maha Deva, Shiva, Maha Rudra, Shankara, Nilalohita, Ishana Rudra, Vijaya Rudra, Bhima Rudra, Deva Deva, Bhavobhava, Adityamaka Sri Rudra.
His female consort counterparts are; Dhi Devi, Dhitti Devi, Ushna (Rasala) Devi, Uma Devi, Niyut Devi, Sarpi Devi, Ila Devi, Ambika Devi, Ieravati Devi, Suda Devi, and Diksha Devi.

There is the Ekadasha Rudra Abishekam Puja.: The Rudram, (chapter 16 & 18 together as a set), are chanted 11 times, by 11 priests, which totals 121 Rudras chanted. *

 Next is 10, Dasha. She is the One who relieves us from the 10 sense organs in our body, because we are entangled in them. She relieves us from the Dashagunas and dashendriyas. That’s why we celebrate the Dashendra Festival. Dashendra means “ 10 Nights” 

* There is Vijaya Dashami, the day after 9 days of the celebration of the festival Navaratri.

There is also Dashavatar of Lord Vishnu
The 10 Directions of North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest ,West, Northwest, Up, and
Down *

 Next is 9, which represents Navaratri. Samma has been praised as Navatejomayi (She has 9 Cosmic Lights), Navaloamayi, Navaratnamayi (decorated with 9 precious gems), Nav chakramayi, Navashaktimayi (the powers of 9 Divine Energies), Navarupamayi, Navaitamayi and Navagraha Doshanivarini (She removes the bad effects of the 9 Planets).

* Navaratri is the 3 days of Saraswati Devi, 3 days of Durga, Devi and 3 days Lakshmi. Dev 9 consecutive days of Devi worship.*

 Next is 8, One who destroys the ashtadaridra, the 8 poverties -- including the poverty of health, wealth,etc.
AshtaLakshmi -- She in the form of AshtaLakshmi because Lakshmi has been seen in8 different forms and She graces us with prosperity. Ashatabhujadharin -- She has 8 arms. Ashtadashapithamayi -- She is in the 18 divine pithas. Like this we can explain Devi in thousands of ways. 

* There are also 8 forms of Ganesha and Shiva.*

 Next is 7, or Saptloka -- there are 7 Lokas; Saptavyahriti: Saptachakra -- 7 chakras in our body; 7 rainbow colors from the Sun -- the VIBGYOR; Saptavara-- the 7 days of the week. In the 7th year of life, a boy is initiated by the Guru into the Gayatri Mantra. This is the important turning point of life; after the 7th year, it will be difficult to control the boy. 

 The number 6 represents Shatchakramayi --the Mother who dwells in the 6 Chakras. She is the Mother of Shanmukha( Shanmughan, Subramanya, Murugan) who has 6 faces. 

* Shiva and Parvati were on their Honeymoon. A demon, Tarakasura was terrorizing the worlds. The Gods who were very concerned went and disturbed the Honeymoon. It was arranged for Agni Deva to catch Lord Shiva’s Jyoti so they could destroy Tarakasur. Lord Shiva , interrupted by a knock on the door went and answered it much to the chagrin of Devi Parvati. As He opened the door, The Jyoti from His third eye came out and Agni Deva received it. Agni Deva was burning up from the intensity of the Jyoti and tried to cool Himself by rushing down to the Ganga River and jumping into it.. The Jyoti left Agni Devi and entered the Ganga River. 6 Kartiyak Maidens were in the Ganga playing and bathing. The Jyoti separated into 6 essences and was quickly absorbed into Them. After a short pregnancy , simultaneously, the 6 essences were released simultaneously from the Katiyekas and recombined into One Essence. This One Essence then manifested or was born as Shanmukha - Subramanya - Murugan, Shiva’s son. The 6 Kartiyeka Maidens all cooed and awed and wanted to nurture their one headed baby son. To appease them all, eliminate all contention, The baby made 6 heads so each Kartiyeka had Her own “Son” to nurture.
Back at the Honeymoon Suite, Sri Parvati Devi came to the door very much perturbed and uttered a curse on All of the Assemble Deities that “Because They interrupted Her and Shiva and denied Her the right for a Child, They All would remain Childless.” Hence why You don’t see Lord Brahma - Sri Saraswati Devi, or Lord Vishnu - Sri Lakshmi Devi with Their own offspring.

And, You will notice that Sri Parvati Devi made Lord Shri Ganesha by Her own efforts of molding clay, out Her Body essence, ETC. One can understand now, how Lord Murugan is more associated with Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha is associated more with Devi, as exemplified in Their Births. *

 5 represents Panchabhutamayi -- Mother of the 5 elements ( earth, water, fire, air, spirit) , Panchasanshyopacharini -- we worship Divine Mother with 5 main Offerings, dhupa-, dipa - flame, pushpa-flower, ,naivedya-sweets, gandha-. On Panchami -- the 5th Day of the New Moon -- She is full of Radiance. As Panchkshari Mantra SwarupinI, She is the Form of the Panchakshari Mantra, the mantra of 5 syllables.
Ishwara, Gayatri, Ganesha, Raghevendra Swami and Anjaneya (Hanuman), All have 5 heads. There is a lot of significance to 5 heads. 

 5 Headed Gayatri Devi

Om Bhur Buvah Swaha
Tat Savitur Varenyum
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yona Prachodayat 

“There are 70 million Supreme mantras in the Gayatri Mantra. 10 million of these are attributed to Shiva, 20 million to the Sun, 5 million to Ganesha, 5 million to Vishnu, and 30 million mantras - - more than the number attributed to any other of the Deities - - are attributed to Divine Mother, the Goddess of Supreme Energy. Thus, the mantras of Shiva, the Sun, Ganesha, Vishnu, and the Divine Mother together add up to 70 million Supreme Mantras.
The Gayatri Mantra is the Essence of all these 70 million mantras. Just as all rivers merge into the Ocean, All Mantras un in Gayatri Mantra, the essence of all mantras. You may ask,” “where then does the Gayatri Mantra merge?” The Gayatri Mantra merges in the Great Ocean of Omkara, the Sound of Om.”

“In the Bhagavad-Gita - - The Divine Song of the Lord - - expounded by Sri Krishna, a Vishnu Avatar, the first 5 chapters are the 5 heads of Sri Gayatri Devi. The Five Lotus Faces in these are the colors of mukta-pearl, vidum-coral, hema-gold, nila-sapphire and davala-diamond. The next 10 chapters are the 10 Hands of Jagat Janani. The following Chapter 16 is the Stomach, and the Final 2, Chapters 17 and 18 are Divine Mother’s Lotus Feet. Thus the 18 Chapters of the Bhagavad-Gita shine with the effulgence of the Entire Body of Sri Gayatri Devi. Hence , The Gita is the Very Essence of Mother Gayatri.”

“Those who meditate on the Gayatri Mantra, the Queen of Mantras, during Brahma Muhurta, that is, between 3:30 and 4:30 a.m., will surely obtain Knowledge of Divinity. All Divine Knowledge is concealed in the 24 bijaksharas of the Gayatri Mantra. 

* Sri Goddess Gayatri appears because an interesting chain of events:
Warrior-Kshatriya-King Vishwarat, a mind born son of Lord Brahma, was doing severe penance to get revenge on Sage Vashista because the Sage had refused to give Sri Kamadhenu - - the is Wish Fulfilling Cow, to Him. Previous to His asking for Kamadhenu, King Vishwarat had lead His country into war by invading the neighboring lands because of his urge to fulfill his dharma of being in the warrior class. He had enlisted and inscribed all the men, who were farmers as well, into His army which consequently left the farms and livestock unattended.
While King Vishwarat was waging war, His own Country sunk into abject poverty and ruin because no one was maintaining the agriculture to feed His own people. On His arrival home when He visited Sage Vashista’s Ashram, He was amazed that Vashista was able to feed His entire army by Sri Kamadhenu‘s siddhi. Thus He coveted Sri Kamadhenu for His own and then surmised and stated that everything in His kingdom belonged to Him ( Vashista’s Ashram was in King Vishwarat’s Kingdom) and demanded that Sri Kamadhenu was to be handed over to Him, because He wanted Kamadhenu to feed His starving subjects . Sage Vashista refused and this was the beginning of a long resentment of the Sage by Vishwarat. He then began to make war on Sage Vashista but was defeated by Sri Kamadhenu manifesting Troop and Weapons to defend the Ashram. Because of His loss, King Vishwarat made the vow to do penance so that He could too attain similar powers like Sage Vashista so that He could defeat Him. This Arduous Penance and Tapas eventually caused Sri Gayatri Devi to appear and reveal to Him the Gayatri Mantra and, because of this, She renamed him Vishwamitra, the world’s friend. Vishwarat, now Vishwamitra eventually did more tasks and penance and became a Rishi. Later on, He taught His warrior skills to Sri Vishnu’s Avatar, Lord Rama and Lakshman which They used brilliantly to fight Ravana as told in the Ramayana. And His Grandson, “Bharat”, was founder of Bharat Varsha. *

 From Gayatri Volume 1:

5 Headed Ganesha - Panchamukha Ganesha

“ WHEN DIVINE MOTHER was granting the wishes of all He children, Supreme Ganesha was engaged in washing Her Sacred Lotus Feet with the waters from the Seven Oceans and many Holy Rivers. He was drinking that Holt Abisheka Water, and also sprinkling it on His Head. Mother Sri Gayatri gently and lovingly lifted Ganesha -- who was worshipping Her Lotus Feet with intense Devotion -- took Him on Her Lap and said softly,
“Oh My Dear Child! Tell Me the wish in Your Heart.”
Ganesha answered,
“Oh Mother! You are the Embodiment of the 5 Brahmas, and thus You have 5 Faces.
Grant whatever is Good for Me.”
The Mother was in Supreme Bliss at this answer and said, \”I am granting You MY 5 Faces and Blessing You to be worshipped in My Place. Oh My Child, Ganesha! The 4 Vedas will be chanted eternally from 4 of Your Faces, and the Upanishads, the very essence of the Vedas will be eternally chanted from Your 5th Face. You alone are the Noblest Brahmanas, the Vedic Pundits. Can there be any other Bramana nobler than You, Ganesha?”
Blessing Ganesha with these words, The Mother continued,
“My Child, Ganesha, the First Worship will be in Your Name in the month of Bhadrapada (August-September), Lord Shiva’s worship in the month of Kartika ( October-November), and the worship of both Lord Vishnu and Kumara Swami will be in the month of Margashirsha (November-December). These worships will continue for Eternity, and I so command!”
Having granted the wishes of all Her Children, Gayatri Devi, the Mother of the Vedas, disappeared. This is how the 5 Faced Ganesha, Who is the Embodiment of the Vedas earned the Complete Grace of Gayatri Devi.
Also remember, Children, whenever You lend a helping hand to those around You on this Earth, coming down from the sky, Amma will hold You and protect You.
What do We learn from the story of Ganesha?
We learn that We need not ask Divine Mother for the fulfillment of any particular desire. Mother Herself will grant everything. Her Children need. However, being Her Children, We may ask Mother for a solution to all our problems of Life. While doing so, We should all be aware that:
There cannot be an ocean without tidal waves;
There cannot be a life without problems
Hence You should let go of the anguish of being unable to complete a particular task because of the small, insignificant problems of life.
When Lord Ganesha prayed at the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother in complete surrender, Mother Herself picked Him up and granted Him Her choicest Boons without ever saying a single world.
A Bramana can only chant one mantra from one Veda at any one time. Mother, however, granted Ganesha, the noblest of All Brahmanas, the Supreme Boon of Eternally chanting All of the 4 Vedas simultaneously from His 4 Lotus Faces! Furthermore, She granted Ganesha the Incomparable Boon of chanting all the Upanishads, the essence of the Vedas, from His 5th Face.” 

* His 5 Faced Names are Annamaya Koshi, Pranamaya Koshi, Manomaya Koshi, Vignanamaya Koshi and Anandamaya Koshi

5 Headed Hanuman - the in 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva

Sri Panchamukha Hanuman Dhyan Shloka:

Panchasyachuta maneka vichita viryam
Sri shanka chakra ramaniya bhujagra desam
Pitambaram makara kundala nupuranga
Dhyaye titam kapibvara hruti bhavayami

Pancha Mukha Hanuman Gayatri:

Om Anjaneya Vidmahe
Pancha Vaktraya Dhimahi
Tanno Hanuman Prachodayat

Panchamuki Hanuman Mantra

Om Hrim Klim Hrum Hraim Panchamuka Hanuman Mahadeva Om Patu Swaha *

“ANJANI DEVI was a great tapasvini , who performed intense tapas. She performed penance with he severe austerity of Anjanadri, the Anjana Mountain. Vayu Deva, the Wind God, was amazed by the severe tapas of Anjani Devi, who was worshipping Vayu Shakti, the Divine Energy of the Wind, with pranayama, the regulation of vital breath.
Throughout Her penance, She lived only on fruits. During this time, with the aid of the Wind God, She consumed Shiva’s Supreme Divine Radiance, mistaking it to be a fruit. Affected by Shiva’s Divine Tejas, Her Body shone with the brilliance of the Sun. Later, in the course of time, the Great Light of Shiva emerged from Anjani Devi’s Body and took the Form of A Son.
That Boy of Divine Limbs offered salutations to Anjani Devi and inquired,
“Mother, how was I born? Tell me the details of My Birth.”

Anjani Devi answered,
“My Child, while I was worshipping Divine Mother Sri Gayatri with pranayama, You emerged from My body with the Brilliance of the Sun in a way unknown even to Me, and then assumed Your Present Form.
It is only Sri Gayatri Devi, the Supreme Energy, who is the Root Cause of Your Birth”.
Hearing these words, the Boy, who was the Embodiment of Shiva’s Radiance, began to perform tapas, austerities.
Immediately after His Birth, Anjaneya’s first inquiry was, “”who am I? Where did I come from?” In order to attain knowledge proclaimed in the Vedas, “Aham Brahmasmi,” “I am the Absolute,” one must first inquire, “Who am I? Where did I come from?”
Without this inquiry, man can never attain the realization of the Truth that He is the Embodiment of Divinity.
The Child, born from Anjani Devi’s Body with the Effulgence of the Sun, as a result of the indescribable Radiance of Lord Shiva, assumed Divine Form, offered His salutations to Hie Mother, Anjani Devi, and inquired,” Mother, Who am I? How was I born?”
When Anjani Devi told the boy, “The Root Cause of Your Birth could only be Gayatri Devi, who is beyond comprehension,” He immediately embarked on meditation upon Gayatri Devi in search of the knowledge of His True Nature. Right after His Birth, without wasting time and without wasting a second thought, Anjaneya, in search of Truth and Knowledge, began to practice austerities and went into tapas Samadhi, the state of Union with GOD through tapas. Isn’t He truly exemplary?
Soon Anjaneya went into deep Samadhi, the tranquil state of Divine Consciousness. He has the vision of Gayatri Devi, the Divine Mother, the Mother of the Vedas, the One embodied with 5 Faces. Gayatri Devi was supremely pleased with the young boy who undertook severe penance immediately after His Birth and attained such a deep state of Samadhi.
The Mother said to Anjaneya, “My Dear Child! You have been born as an Aspect of My Own Form, with Supreme Radiance and Strength. I am granting You Yoga Bala, the great strength achieved through tapas, not ordinary human strength. My Son, whenever You are in need of great divine strength, I, in my 5 Faced Form, shall empower You with My Supreme Energy. My Son, there is no Task that You cannot accomplish in this World or any other World. You will possess My power and Radiance, and Those who worship You will obtain Me, My Power and My Grace. Oh Anjaneya, I am granting You the Form of My 5 Faces! It will truly be the Refection of My Own Form. Throughout Your Life, You will have Devotion and Knowledge, and be in a state of Divine Consciousness. Anjaneya, My Son, You will accomplish many great Tasks in the future, and My Energy will eternally empower You.” Saying this, Jagat Janani, Sri Gayatri Devi, granted Anjaneya Her 5 Faces and Her Supremely radiant Divine Power and then disappeared.
Subsequently, the radiant Boy who had emerged from Anjani Devi, shone with unimaginable Divine Energy and Power. With the Grace of Mother Gayatri, Supreme Energy, Anjaneya attained such great Power that He even caught hold of the Sun, as if it were a fruit! Thus, Blessed with the True Form of Gayatri Devi, Anjaneya shone as the 5 Faced Anjaneya.
The moral of this story is : Anyone who meditates on Mother Gayatri immediately after Birth, with a pure heart and a pure mind, will easily earn the Grace of Divine Mother.
We said earlier that one with and impure mind cannot comprehend Truth the way it is. An impure mind deceives You by negating what is true and real. This is because a contaminated layer of impurity covers the eyes, blinding them to Truth.” 

* The 5 Faced Names of each face are Garuda, Narasimha, Hanuman, Varahu, Hayagriva.
He is known to have manifested the 5 headed Form in the Ramayana War to kill demon Maharavana, a black magic practitioner, by extinguishing the 5 lamps/fires, (representing misuse of 5 elements), simultaneously to free Sri Rama and Sri Lakshman who had been captured...

By the way Hanuman had a Son named Magardwaja (Makardwaja):
After Hanuman’s Tail was set on Fire and He had set Sri Lanka on fire with it, He went to extinguish it in the Ocean. Because He been so active, a drop of from His Sweat from His Tail fell into the Ocean and was swallowed by a fish. This fish gave birth to a half-fish-half-monkey that is now named Magardwaja. Adiravana, Ravana’s wife, found and raised Magardwaja - - who later became the guard for Maharavana’s Patala in the Netherworld.

There is an “Eleven Faced/Headed for Hanuman as well.

5 Headed Shiva - Panchanana

Om Pancha Vaktraya Vidmahe
Maha Devaya Dhimahi
Tanno Rudra Prachodayat

The above Shiva Gayatri Mantra translates into, *

“OM! Let Us meditate on the Great Lord with 5 Faces
May that fierce Rudra inspire and illumine our mind and understanding.”

* The 5 Faced Names are Sadyo Jata, Vama Deva, Aghora, Tat Purusha, Ishana.
It is said it takes Great Devotion for Him to manifest this 5 Face Form.

There is also Panchmukhi Rudraksha. Rudraksha have between1 and 16 faces and are very rare to obtain, but it is recommended that we wear at least one 5-faced Rudraksha on our body.

Panch Brahmasanastita nama no. 58, shloka 58: That which Ammas has been seated, I.e., the five gunas.

Special “5 Pujas”:

In the Panchayatan Puja & Panchapasana Puja, the first 2 of the 5 phased pujas, each God is worshipped consecutively without stopping, in the prescribed order, with Their Mantras. If You notice, The Panchayatan Puja has all the Shakti-Female Goddesses of Sri Saraswati Devi and Sri Lakshmi Devi and the Pachapasana Puja has Consciousness-Male Gods of Lord Surya and Lord Vishnu .





The Pancha Puja can be and is usually done before the above pujas.

LAM -- Pritvi Tattvamikayai Gadham Samarpayami Namamyaham
HAM -- Akasa Tattvamikayai Pushpam samrpayami Namamyaham
YAM -- Vayu Tattvamikayai Dhupam Samarpayami Namamyaham
RAM -- Agni Tattvamikayai Dipam Samarpayami Namamyaham
VAM -- Amrita Tattvamikayai Amrita Naivedyam Samarpayami Namamyaham
SAM -- Sarva Tattvamikayai Sarvopacharam Samarpayami Namamyaham *

 We do this Pancha Puja to balance the Elements in Our Bodies The Elements in The Cosmos are contained in Our Bodies too. We have a clear direct connection between Our Bodies and the Respective Elements. That is why by doing the Panchapuja, We are worshipping Nature. Even though We do not physically make the offering -- by saying “samarpayami” or “parikalpayami” we are imagining ( manasa puja-mental worship ) Our offerings to The Divine Mother.

 “The number 4 represents Chantuvedamayi. Divine Mother has been praised as the Mother of the 4 Vedas. She is the Mother of Dharma, Artha, Moksha, and Kama. Everything is Mother only. Then we have the 4 Stages of Life comprising Childhood, Youth, Adulthood, and Old Age. She is the Mother of all these stages. She is Mother of Chaturmukha, that is Brahma. In another name, Mother has been praised as Sivakeshavadi Janani, and for this Mother of whom we are speaking, there is no Mother at all.”

At time when I was meditating in the Peninsula Forest, some innocent villagers would ask me, “Amma, don’t you have anyone? You always seem to be alone.” I would reply, “I don’t have anyone in front of me and there is no behind me.“ From a yogic perspective, this means there is no relationship, no bondage for the atma . There no one before Amma and there will be no one born after Amma. Amma is always constant; She is Brahmamayi. The atma is very powerful and has been described as Sarvashakti, MahaShakyi, Adishakti, Mulashakti, Ichhashakti, Jananshakti, and Kriyashakti.”

 “As number 3, She is praised as Trimurti Janani, the Mother of Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara (Shiva), the 3 Gods of Creation, Preservation, Dissolution-Destruction.
One sings the stotram from the Bilva Ashtakam:

Tridalam trigunakaram, trine tram ca tri ayudham
Trijanma papa samharam, eka bilvam Sivarpanam

“I offer a Bilva leaf which has 3 petals of the form of the 3 Gunas to Shiva, who has 3 Eyes, carries 3 Weapons, and destroys the sins of 3 Births.“
The Bilva Patra has 3 parts, and it means we are offering our 3 Gunas to Lord Shiva --- the Sattva, Rajo Tamo Gunas . Even the Sattva has to be offered since we must go beyond that and become the Visuddha Sattva.
However, in our worship, we are only offering Bilva leaves, but not out bad gunas.
So the Bilva leaf, which is in your heart, and which is not visible to the naked eye, has to be taken out in the form of the 3 gunas and offered to Lord Shiva and Divine Mother. Our mind is created because of these 3 gunas; because of the mind we are being born.
The real meaning of yoga is destruction of mind-- death of the mind is real yoga.
As long as Our mind exists , there is no peace for the Individual. When we take a look at the Universe, Human Beings belong to different Nation, different Religions different Sects, but One thing They have in common is the 3 Gunas. They have been bonded to the 3 Gunas .
Devi has been praised as Tripurabhavani.
The Vedas have praised Her as Maha Tripurasundari and Rajarajeshwari.
In the Lalita Sahasranam, the mantra “Swatmananda Lavibuta Brahmadyananda Santati” says that All
The Gods have been meditating.
Divine Mother also has been Meditating and enjoying The Blissful State, and That is The Bliss which She is giving to Her Children. The real meaning of Tat and Atma --She is the Prime Energy and Force of these words. This script contains only Sanskrit words. I am using some of the Sanskrit words here and there, as it is very difficult to translate and to understand these words. Even the learned Pundits have not been able to understand these words, therefore I am only explaining some words to You. To understand further, you have to do meditation.
From the Form of Trimurti -- Divine Mother Herself is in the Form of Trimurti, that is: Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.” 
* (3 Faced Dattatreya, Son of Atri, was created by Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva as a combined Form of the 3 of Them. Anyone who prays to Them through Dattatreya, the worship goes immediately to Them. He also has Their Attributes.) *

 Devi also has created from Herself Ardhanarishwari Swarupa (the form of Shiva and Parvati combined in One Form Itself). 

* Other combined duos are: ShankarayaNarayana created by joining Shiva and Vishnu; and Adiyanta Prabhu created by joining Ganesha and Hanuman.) *

 From Ardhanarishwari comes the Divine Light of Om.  Om Shanti Shanti Shanti-hi

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