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A commentary on the Light on the Lalita Sahasranama and Devi

This is text about Lalita, the Divine Mother and how Her Energy-Form Manifestations give and understanding of how "how" works. I actually have images to go with this because they are so important, but have not figured how to load them. So if you email me at, I'll diligently try to get them to You, i also have playlists at youtube under kirstanuci that have some devi stotras and sannyasin themes.
I started this months ago, and it still need some amending, but in light of all the info I have already shared, I am sending out this draft as well

This eventually comes with two parts, text and images…By far the images are more important to put together. To explain what a pakicetid is and to see a pakicetid is another thing. A pakicetid is a fossil which indicates a dog to fish evolution, dolphins (whales) have blow holes on their heads and swim up and down rather than gills and swim side to side. Purportedly, the dog’s nose moved further and further back until it became the blow hole.

The purpose of these collections of items is to Connect the dots of the Divine Mother , Her Family, and Manifestations. By placing the pictures and ideas together, it creates a House with all the Furniture in it.

If You walk through a house , the interior design indicates the style and thoughts of the Owner, by contemplating, looking at the images sides by side ( a picture is worth one thousand words ), you will be able to put aspects of the Divine Mother together and experience Her and Her Mysteries. And How She/He Manifests Energy & Form.

All the Mantras, All the Murtis, All the Scriptures, Hymns, Stotras, Bhajans, Narratives, Pujas , Gods and Gurus talk about and collectively show, give, explain, indicates the Divine only so we may experience Her Only.
The Murtis and Images of The Divine , are a Promise and Covenant: “If You worship these Forms or Tattwas - Essences - Consciousnesses You will reach Me”.

The Mantras: “I Am No Different than the Mantra. I Am the Mantra.” Shiva says that Sri Vidya is the greatest knowledge.
I began connecting the dots and I wanted to share with You a distillation and compounds of some of Amma’s discourses, and stories narratives and experiences I have found.

The Beauty of These Mantras and Images is that They have met the test of time. Again and again, Sages and Saints in India have come and gone have promulgated the Same Teachings, even though They have never had contact with each Other, They point and Indicate the Same Direction.

Some quoting Scriptures , knowing Mantras, explaining States of Consciousness without any formal and spiritual education. They All say the same thing and They indicate the Same Direction.

So, I pass These on to You knowing that They work for Me as well, By the Grace of God and Guru only.

Halfway through this pamphlet, I came upon this ,

“Amma would like the subject of Devi to be easily understood by All. One way would be to show paintings of the aspects of Devi -- just as the Hari Krishna Movement, People understood Lord Krishna from paintings. A single picture can give a thousand messages. Many speak about Devi, but no one has brought the subject to a high level. That‘s why people are not able to understand the subject of Devi. For this subject to be understood by everyone, The Devi Movement has to be started, and You have the responsibility to start it. If All were to see the pictures, They would obtain the knowledge to understand Devi. They must read the scriptures and understand many thing before meditating on Devi. Then only their meditations will be fruitful -- if done with the knowledge. It has been clearly said in the Vedas that One can worship Devi if it is His last Birth. Amma wishes that your inner qualities will change. You are entangled in this Bhandasura quality and immersed in it. You have several problems and obstacles facing You in the World. But as a Mother, I wish that You overcome them and come to The Lotus Feet of the Divine Mother. :

Numbers, Mantras, Forms, Lateral Narratives of Devi in the Devi Movement

Number 16 through 1 Om

From Light on The Lalita Sahasarama

Between the hearts
-Sri KarunaMayi , source
*-research by Kirstanuci*
16. = Shodashi

 There are 16 Kalas (qualities) in the moon
and therefore
Devi has been praised as Shodashi Rupini ,possessing 16 Auspicious and Divine qualities.
That’s why in the Shodashi Mantra “Shodasakshari Mantra” ( Shodashi means 16),
She is in the form of Shodashi (16) Bijaksharas 

* Shodakshari Mantra is:

Ka E I La Hrim
Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim
Sa Ka La Hrim Shrim

Each syllable is a bijakshara mantra
Ka E I La Hrim Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim Sa Ka La Hrim Shrim
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 *

 “Nitya Shodashikarupa Srikanthardha Sharirini (nama no 391-2, shloka 85)” :

This mantra in the Lalita Saharsranam depicts the moon as having 16 Kalas,

And from the 16th Kala - Syllable = ( the quality -“Shrim“ ) Nectar is formed.
That’s why we have the Shodashashari Mantra --just as we have 24 bijaksharas in the Gayatri Mantra.

Shodashakshari means 16 bijaksharas,

“Shodashakshari Mantra” :

* Ka E I La Hrim
Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim
Sa Ka La Hrim Shrim *

 IS



15. = Panchadasha

 When we go back one step,
it called 15 or Panchadashakshari ( 15 Bijaksharas - Syllable),
and this is also a very important bijakshara mantra of Devi.

* Panchadashakshari Mantra is:

Ka E I La Hrim
Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim
Sa Ka La Hrim

Each syllable is a bijakshara mantra
Ka E I La Hrim Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim Sa Ka La Hrim
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

The difference is that the Panchadashakshari Mantra does not have the 16th bijakshara - last syllable - “Shrim” of the Shodashakshari Mantra. *

 The next one is 14 Lokas --
There are 14 Million Galaxies in the Cosmos and She is Empress of All of Them.

Next comes Trayodashi. She gives confidence and graces the one who does this mantra with victory.

12 is Dvadashi. She is the Mother of the 12 Suns in the Universe.

Then we come to 11 Rudras (Shivas) 

* Eleven Rudras are: Maha Deva, Shiva, Maha Rudra, Shankara, Nilalohita, Ishana Rudra, Vijaya Rudra, Bhima Rudra, Deva Deva, Bhavobhava, Adityamaka Sri Rudra.
His female consort counterparts are; Dhi Devi, Dhitti Devi, Ushna (Rasala) Devi, Uma Devi, Niyut Devi, Sarpi Devi, Ila Devi, Ambika Devi, Ieravati Devi, Suda Devi, and Diksha Devi.

There is the Ekadasha Rudra Abishekam Puja.: The Rudram, (chapter 16 & 18 together as a set), are chanted 11 times, by 11 priests, which totals 121 Rudras chanted. *

 Next is 10, Dasha. She is the One who relieves us from the 10 sense organs in our body, because we are entangled in them. She relieves us from the Dashagunas and dashendriyas. That’s why we celebrate the Dashendra Festival. Dashendra means “ 10 Nights” 

* There is Vijaya Dashami, the day after 9 days of the celebration of the festival Navaratri.

There is also Dashavatar of Lord Vishnu
The 10 Directions of North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest ,West, Northwest, Up, and
Down *

 Next is 9, which represents Navaratri. Samma has been praised as Navatejomayi (She has 9 Cosmic Lights), Navaloamayi, Navaratnamayi (decorated with 9 precious gems), Nav chakramayi, Navashaktimayi (the powers of 9 Divine Energies), Navarupamayi, Navaitamayi and Navagraha Doshanivarini (She removes the bad effects of the 9 Planets).

* Navaratri is the 3 days of Saraswati Devi, 3 days of Durga, Devi and 3 days Lakshmi. Dev 9 consecutive days of Devi worship.*

 Next is 8, One who destroys the ashtadaridra, the 8 poverties -- including the poverty of health, wealth,etc.
AshtaLakshmi -- She in the form of AshtaLakshmi because Lakshmi has been seen in8 different forms and She graces us with prosperity. Ashatabhujadharin -- She has 8 arms. Ashtadashapithamayi -- She is in the 18 divine pithas. Like this we can explain Devi in thousands of ways. 

* There are also 8 forms of Ganesha and Shiva.*

 Next is 7, or Saptloka -- there are 7 Lokas; Saptavyahriti: Saptachakra -- 7 chakras in our body; 7 rainbow colors from the Sun -- the VIBGYOR; Saptavara-- the 7 days of the week. In the 7th year of life, a boy is initiated by the Guru into the Gayatri Mantra. This is the important turning point of life; after the 7th year, it will be difficult to control the boy. 

 The number 6 represents Shatchakramayi --the Mother who dwells in the 6 Chakras. She is the Mother of Shanmukha( Shanmughan, Subramanya, Murugan) who has 6 faces. 

* Shiva and Parvati were on their Honeymoon. A demon, Tarakasura was terrorizing the worlds. The Gods who were very concerned went and disturbed the Honeymoon. It was arranged for Agni Deva to catch Lord Shiva’s Jyoti so they could destroy Tarakasur. Lord Shiva , interrupted by a knock on the door went and answered it much to the chagrin of Devi Parvati. As He opened the door, The Jyoti from His third eye came out and Agni Deva received it. Agni Deva was burning up from the intensity of the Jyoti and tried to cool Himself by rushing down to the Ganga River and jumping into it.. The Jyoti left Agni Devi and entered the Ganga River. 6 Kartiyak Maidens were in the Ganga playing and bathing. The Jyoti separated into 6 essences and was quickly absorbed into Them. After a short pregnancy , simultaneously, the 6 essences were released simultaneously from the Katiyekas and recombined into One Essence. This One Essence then manifested or was born as Shanmukha - Subramanya - Murugan, Shiva’s son. The 6 Kartiyeka Maidens all cooed and awed and wanted to nurture their one headed baby son. To appease them all, eliminate all contention, The baby made 6 heads so each Kartiyeka had Her own “Son” to nurture.
Back at the Honeymoon Suite, Sri Parvati Devi came to the door very much perturbed and uttered a curse on All of the Assemble Deities that “Because They interrupted Her and Shiva and denied Her the right for a Child, They All would remain Childless.” Hence why You don’t see Lord Brahma - Sri Saraswati Devi, or Lord Vishnu - Sri Lakshmi Devi with Their own offspring.

And, You will notice that Sri Parvati Devi made Lord Shri Ganesha by Her own efforts of molding clay, out Her Body essence, ETC. One can understand now, how Lord Murugan is more associated with Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha is associated more with Devi, as exemplified in Their Births. *

 5 represents Panchabhutamayi -- Mother of the 5 elements ( earth, water, fire, air, spirit) , Panchasanshyopacharini -- we worship Divine Mother with 5 main Offerings, dhupa-, dipa - flame, pushpa-flower, ,naivedya-sweets, gandha-. On Panchami -- the 5th Day of the New Moon -- She is full of Radiance. As Panchkshari Mantra SwarupinI, She is the Form of the Panchakshari Mantra, the mantra of 5 syllables.
Ishwara, Gayatri, Ganesha, Raghevendra Swami and Anjaneya (Hanuman), All have 5 heads. There is a lot of significance to 5 heads. 

 5 Headed Gayatri Devi

Om Bhur Buvah Swaha
Tat Savitur Varenyum
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yona Prachodayat 

“There are 70 million Supreme mantras in the Gayatri Mantra. 10 million of these are attributed to Shiva, 20 million to the Sun, 5 million to Ganesha, 5 million to Vishnu, and 30 million mantras - - more than the number attributed to any other of the Deities - - are attributed to Divine Mother, the Goddess of Supreme Energy. Thus, the mantras of Shiva, the Sun, Ganesha, Vishnu, and the Divine Mother together add up to 70 million Supreme Mantras.
The Gayatri Mantra is the Essence of all these 70 million mantras. Just as all rivers merge into the Ocean, All Mantras un in Gayatri Mantra, the essence of all mantras. You may ask,” “where then does the Gayatri Mantra merge?” The Gayatri Mantra merges in the Great Ocean of Omkara, the Sound of Om.”

“In the Bhagavad-Gita - - The Divine Song of the Lord - - expounded by Sri Krishna, a Vishnu Avatar, the first 5 chapters are the 5 heads of Sri Gayatri Devi. The Five Lotus Faces in these are the colors of mukta-pearl, vidum-coral, hema-gold, nila-sapphire and davala-diamond. The next 10 chapters are the 10 Hands of Jagat Janani. The following Chapter 16 is the Stomach, and the Final 2, Chapters 17 and 18 are Divine Mother’s Lotus Feet. Thus the 18 Chapters of the Bhagavad-Gita shine with the effulgence of the Entire Body of Sri Gayatri Devi. Hence , The Gita is the Very Essence of Mother Gayatri.”

“Those who meditate on the Gayatri Mantra, the Queen of Mantras, during Brahma Muhurta, that is, between 3:30 and 4:30 a.m., will surely obtain Knowledge of Divinity. All Divine Knowledge is concealed in the 24 bijaksharas of the Gayatri Mantra. 

* Sri Goddess Gayatri appears because an interesting chain of events:
Warrior-Kshatriya-King Vishwarat, a mind born son of Lord Brahma, was doing severe penance to get revenge on Sage Vashista because the Sage had refused to give Sri Kamadhenu - - the is Wish Fulfilling Cow, to Him. Previous to His asking for Kamadhenu, King Vishwarat had lead His country into war by invading the neighboring lands because of his urge to fulfill his dharma of being in the warrior class. He had enlisted and inscribed all the men, who were farmers as well, into His army which consequently left the farms and livestock unattended.
While King Vishwarat was waging war, His own Country sunk into abject poverty and ruin because no one was maintaining the agriculture to feed His own people. On His arrival home when He visited Sage Vashista’s Ashram, He was amazed that Vashista was able to feed His entire army by Sri Kamadhenu‘s siddhi. Thus He coveted Sri Kamadhenu for His own and then surmised and stated that everything in His kingdom belonged to Him ( Vashista’s Ashram was in King Vishwarat’s Kingdom) and demanded that Sri Kamadhenu was to be handed over to Him, because He wanted Kamadhenu to feed His starving subjects . Sage Vashista refused and this was the beginning of a long resentment of the Sage by Vishwarat. He then began to make war on Sage Vashista but was defeated by Sri Kamadhenu manifesting Troop and Weapons to defend the Ashram. Because of His loss, King Vishwarat made the vow to do penance so that He could too attain similar powers like Sage Vashista so that He could defeat Him. This Arduous Penance and Tapas eventually caused Sri Gayatri Devi to appear and reveal to Him the Gayatri Mantra and, because of this, She renamed him Vishwamitra, the world’s friend. Vishwarat, now Vishwamitra eventually did more tasks and penance and became a Rishi. Later on, He taught His warrior skills to Sri Vishnu’s Avatar, Lord Rama and Lakshman which They used brilliantly to fight Ravana as told in the Ramayana. And His Grandson, “Bharat”, was founder of Bharat Varsha. *

 From Gayatri Volume 1:

5 Headed Ganesha - Panchamukha Ganesha

“ WHEN DIVINE MOTHER was granting the wishes of all He children, Supreme Ganesha was engaged in washing Her Sacred Lotus Feet with the waters from the Seven Oceans and many Holy Rivers. He was drinking that Holt Abisheka Water, and also sprinkling it on His Head. Mother Sri Gayatri gently and lovingly lifted Ganesha -- who was worshipping Her Lotus Feet with intense Devotion -- took Him on Her Lap and said softly,
“Oh My Dear Child! Tell Me the wish in Your Heart.”
Ganesha answered,
“Oh Mother! You are the Embodiment of the 5 Brahmas, and thus You have 5 Faces.
Grant whatever is Good for Me.”
The Mother was in Supreme Bliss at this answer and said, \”I am granting You MY 5 Faces and Blessing You to be worshipped in My Place. Oh My Child, Ganesha! The 4 Vedas will be chanted eternally from 4 of Your Faces, and the Upanishads, the very essence of the Vedas will be eternally chanted from Your 5th Face. You alone are the Noblest Brahmanas, the Vedic Pundits. Can there be any other Bramana nobler than You, Ganesha?”
Blessing Ganesha with these words, The Mother continued,
“My Child, Ganesha, the First Worship will be in Your Name in the month of Bhadrapada (August-September), Lord Shiva’s worship in the month of Kartika ( October-November), and the worship of both Lord Vishnu and Kumara Swami will be in the month of Margashirsha (November-December). These worships will continue for Eternity, and I so command!”
Having granted the wishes of all Her Children, Gayatri Devi, the Mother of the Vedas, disappeared. This is how the 5 Faced Ganesha, Who is the Embodiment of the Vedas earned the Complete Grace of Gayatri Devi.
Also remember, Children, whenever You lend a helping hand to those around You on this Earth, coming down from the sky, Amma will hold You and protect You.
What do We learn from the story of Ganesha?
We learn that We need not ask Divine Mother for the fulfillment of any particular desire. Mother Herself will grant everything. Her Children need. However, being Her Children, We may ask Mother for a solution to all our problems of Life. While doing so, We should all be aware that:
There cannot be an ocean without tidal waves;
There cannot be a life without problems
Hence You should let go of the anguish of being unable to complete a particular task because of the small, insignificant problems of life.
When Lord Ganesha prayed at the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother in complete surrender, Mother Herself picked Him up and granted Him Her choicest Boons without ever saying a single world.
A Bramana can only chant one mantra from one Veda at any one time. Mother, however, granted Ganesha, the noblest of All Brahmanas, the Supreme Boon of Eternally chanting All of the 4 Vedas simultaneously from His 4 Lotus Faces! Furthermore, She granted Ganesha the Incomparable Boon of chanting all the Upanishads, the essence of the Vedas, from His 5th Face.” 

* His 5 Faced Names are Annamaya Koshi, Pranamaya Koshi, Manomaya Koshi, Vignanamaya Koshi and Anandamaya Koshi

5 Headed Hanuman - the in 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva

Sri Panchamukha Hanuman Dhyan Shloka:

Panchasyachuta maneka vichita viryam
Sri shanka chakra ramaniya bhujagra desam
Pitambaram makara kundala nupuranga
Dhyaye titam kapibvara hruti bhavayami

Pancha Mukha Hanuman Gayatri:

Om Anjaneya Vidmahe
Pancha Vaktraya Dhimahi
Tanno Hanuman Prachodayat

Panchamuki Hanuman Mantra

Om Hrim Klim Hrum Hraim Panchamuka Hanuman Mahadeva Om Patu Swaha *

“ANJANI DEVI was a great tapasvini , who performed intense tapas. She performed penance with he severe austerity of Anjanadri, the Anjana Mountain. Vayu Deva, the Wind God, was amazed by the severe tapas of Anjani Devi, who was worshipping Vayu Shakti, the Divine Energy of the Wind, with pranayama, the regulation of vital breath.
Throughout Her penance, She lived only on fruits. During this time, with the aid of the Wind God, She consumed Shiva’s Supreme Divine Radiance, mistaking it to be a fruit. Affected by Shiva’s Divine Tejas, Her Body shone with the brilliance of the Sun. Later, in the course of time, the Great Light of Shiva emerged from Anjani Devi’s Body and took the Form of A Son.
That Boy of Divine Limbs offered salutations to Anjani Devi and inquired,
“Mother, how was I born? Tell me the details of My Birth.”

Anjani Devi answered,
“My Child, while I was worshipping Divine Mother Sri Gayatri with pranayama, You emerged from My body with the Brilliance of the Sun in a way unknown even to Me, and then assumed Your Present Form.
It is only Sri Gayatri Devi, the Supreme Energy, who is the Root Cause of Your Birth”.
Hearing these words, the Boy, who was the Embodiment of Shiva’s Radiance, began to perform tapas, austerities.
Immediately after His Birth, Anjaneya’s first inquiry was, “”who am I? Where did I come from?” In order to attain knowledge proclaimed in the Vedas, “Aham Brahmasmi,” “I am the Absolute,” one must first inquire, “Who am I? Where did I come from?”
Without this inquiry, man can never attain the realization of the Truth that He is the Embodiment of Divinity.
The Child, born from Anjani Devi’s Body with the Effulgence of the Sun, as a result of the indescribable Radiance of Lord Shiva, assumed Divine Form, offered His salutations to Hie Mother, Anjani Devi, and inquired,” Mother, Who am I? How was I born?”
When Anjani Devi told the boy, “The Root Cause of Your Birth could only be Gayatri Devi, who is beyond comprehension,” He immediately embarked on meditation upon Gayatri Devi in search of the knowledge of His True Nature. Right after His Birth, without wasting time and without wasting a second thought, Anjaneya, in search of Truth and Knowledge, began to practice austerities and went into tapas Samadhi, the state of Union with GOD through tapas. Isn’t He truly exemplary?
Soon Anjaneya went into deep Samadhi, the tranquil state of Divine Consciousness. He has the vision of Gayatri Devi, the Divine Mother, the Mother of the Vedas, the One embodied with 5 Faces. Gayatri Devi was supremely pleased with the young boy who undertook severe penance immediately after His Birth and attained such a deep state of Samadhi.
The Mother said to Anjaneya, “My Dear Child! You have been born as an Aspect of My Own Form, with Supreme Radiance and Strength. I am granting You Yoga Bala, the great strength achieved through tapas, not ordinary human strength. My Son, whenever You are in need of great divine strength, I, in my 5 Faced Form, shall empower You with My Supreme Energy. My Son, there is no Task that You cannot accomplish in this World or any other World. You will possess My power and Radiance, and Those who worship You will obtain Me, My Power and My Grace. Oh Anjaneya, I am granting You the Form of My 5 Faces! It will truly be the Refection of My Own Form. Throughout Your Life, You will have Devotion and Knowledge, and be in a state of Divine Consciousness. Anjaneya, My Son, You will accomplish many great Tasks in the future, and My Energy will eternally empower You.” Saying this, Jagat Janani, Sri Gayatri Devi, granted Anjaneya Her 5 Faces and Her Supremely radiant Divine Power and then disappeared.
Subsequently, the radiant Boy who had emerged from Anjani Devi, shone with unimaginable Divine Energy and Power. With the Grace of Mother Gayatri, Supreme Energy, Anjaneya attained such great Power that He even caught hold of the Sun, as if it were a fruit! Thus, Blessed with the True Form of Gayatri Devi, Anjaneya shone as the 5 Faced Anjaneya.
The moral of this story is : Anyone who meditates on Mother Gayatri immediately after Birth, with a pure heart and a pure mind, will easily earn the Grace of Divine Mother.
We said earlier that one with and impure mind cannot comprehend Truth the way it is. An impure mind deceives You by negating what is true and real. This is because a contaminated layer of impurity covers the eyes, blinding them to Truth.” 

* The 5 Faced Names of each face are Garuda, Narasimha, Hanuman, Varahu, Hayagriva.
He is known to have manifested the 5 headed Form in the Ramayana War to kill demon Maharavana, a black magic practitioner, by extinguishing the 5 lamps/fires, (representing misuse of 5 elements), simultaneously to free Sri Rama and Sri Lakshman who had been captured...

By the way Hanuman had a Son named Magardwaja (Makardwaja):
After Hanuman’s Tail was set on Fire and He had set Sri Lanka on fire with it, He went to extinguish it in the Ocean. Because He been so active, a drop of from His Sweat from His Tail fell into the Ocean and was swallowed by a fish. This fish gave birth to a half-fish-half-monkey that is now named Magardwaja. Adiravana, Ravana’s wife, found and raised Magardwaja - - who later became the guard for Maharavana’s Patala in the Netherworld.

There is an “Eleven Faced/Headed for Hanuman as well.

5 Headed Shiva - Panchanana

Om Pancha Vaktraya Vidmahe
Maha Devaya Dhimahi
Tanno Rudra Prachodayat

The above Shiva Gayatri Mantra translates into, *

“OM! Let Us meditate on the Great Lord with 5 Faces
May that fierce Rudra inspire and illumine our mind and understanding.”

* The 5 Faced Names are Sadyo Jata, Vama Deva, Aghora, Tat Purusha, Ishana.
It is said it takes Great Devotion for Him to manifest this 5 Face Form.

There is also Panchmukhi Rudraksha. Rudraksha have between1 and 16 faces and are very rare to obtain, but it is recommended that we wear at least one 5-faced Rudraksha on our body.

Panch Brahmasanastita nama no. 58, shloka 58: That which Ammas has been seated, I.e., the five gunas.

Special “5 Pujas”:

In the Panchayatan Puja & Panchapasana Puja, the first 2 of the 5 phased pujas, each God is worshipped consecutively without stopping, in the prescribed order, with Their Mantras. If You notice, The Panchayatan Puja has all the Shakti-Female Goddesses of Sri Saraswati Devi and Sri Lakshmi Devi and the Pachapasana Puja has Consciousness-Male Gods of Lord Surya and Lord Vishnu .





The Pancha Puja can be and is usually done before the above pujas.

LAM -- Pritvi Tattvamikayai Gadham Samarpayami Namamyaham
HAM -- Akasa Tattvamikayai Pushpam samrpayami Namamyaham
YAM -- Vayu Tattvamikayai Dhupam Samarpayami Namamyaham
RAM -- Agni Tattvamikayai Dipam Samarpayami Namamyaham
VAM -- Amrita Tattvamikayai Amrita Naivedyam Samarpayami Namamyaham
SAM -- Sarva Tattvamikayai Sarvopacharam Samarpayami Namamyaham *

 We do this Pancha Puja to balance the Elements in Our Bodies The Elements in The Cosmos are contained in Our Bodies too. We have a clear direct connection between Our Bodies and the Respective Elements. That is why by doing the Panchapuja, We are worshipping Nature. Even though We do not physically make the offering -- by saying “samarpayami” or “parikalpayami” we are imagining ( manasa puja-mental worship ) Our offerings to The Divine Mother.

 “The number 4 represents Chantuvedamayi. Divine Mother has been praised as the Mother of the 4 Vedas. She is the Mother of Dharma, Artha, Moksha, and Kama. Everything is Mother only. Then we have the 4 Stages of Life comprising Childhood, Youth, Adulthood, and Old Age. She is the Mother of all these stages. She is Mother of Chaturmukha, that is Brahma. In another name, Mother has been praised as Sivakeshavadi Janani, and for this Mother of whom we are speaking, there is no Mother at all.”

At time when I was meditating in the Peninsula Forest, some innocent villagers would ask me, “Amma, don’t you have anyone? You always seem to be alone.” I would reply, “I don’t have anyone in front of me and there is no behind me.“ From a yogic perspective, this means there is no relationship, no bondage for the atma . There no one before Amma and there will be no one born after Amma. Amma is always constant; She is Brahmamayi. The atma is very powerful and has been described as Sarvashakti, MahaShakyi, Adishakti, Mulashakti, Ichhashakti, Jananshakti, and Kriyashakti.”

 “As number 3, She is praised as Trimurti Janani, the Mother of Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara (Shiva), the 3 Gods of Creation, Preservation, Dissolution-Destruction.
One sings the stotram from the Bilva Ashtakam:

Tridalam trigunakaram, trine tram ca tri ayudham
Trijanma papa samharam, eka bilvam Sivarpanam

“I offer a Bilva leaf which has 3 petals of the form of the 3 Gunas to Shiva, who has 3 Eyes, carries 3 Weapons, and destroys the sins of 3 Births.“
The Bilva Patra has 3 parts, and it means we are offering our 3 Gunas to Lord Shiva --- the Sattva, Rajo Tamo Gunas . Even the Sattva has to be offered since we must go beyond that and become the Visuddha Sattva.
However, in our worship, we are only offering Bilva leaves, but not out bad gunas.
So the Bilva leaf, which is in your heart, and which is not visible to the naked eye, has to be taken out in the form of the 3 gunas and offered to Lord Shiva and Divine Mother. Our mind is created because of these 3 gunas; because of the mind we are being born.
The real meaning of yoga is destruction of mind-- death of the mind is real yoga.
As long as Our mind exists , there is no peace for the Individual. When we take a look at the Universe, Human Beings belong to different Nation, different Religions different Sects, but One thing They have in common is the 3 Gunas. They have been bonded to the 3 Gunas .
Devi has been praised as Tripurabhavani.
The Vedas have praised Her as Maha Tripurasundari and Rajarajeshwari.
In the Lalita Sahasranam, the mantra “Swatmananda Lavibuta Brahmadyananda Santati” says that All
The Gods have been meditating.
Divine Mother also has been Meditating and enjoying The Blissful State, and That is The Bliss which She is giving to Her Children. The real meaning of Tat and Atma --She is the Prime Energy and Force of these words. This script contains only Sanskrit words. I am using some of the Sanskrit words here and there, as it is very difficult to translate and to understand these words. Even the learned Pundits have not been able to understand these words, therefore I am only explaining some words to You. To understand further, you have to do meditation.
From the Form of Trimurti -- Divine Mother Herself is in the Form of Trimurti, that is: Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.” 
* (3 Faced Dattatreya, Son of Atri, was created by Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva as a combined Form of the 3 of Them. Anyone who prays to Them through Dattatreya, the worship goes immediately to Them. He also has Their Attributes.) *

 Devi also has created from Herself Ardhanarishwari Swarupa (the form of Shiva and Parvati combined in One Form Itself). 

* Other combined duos are: ShankarayaNarayana created by joining Shiva and Vishnu; and Adiyanta Prabhu created by joining Ganesha and Hanuman.) *

 From Ardhanarishwari comes the Divine Light of Om.  Om Shanti Shanti Shanti-hi

Khadga Mala Namavalli

here is the kadga mala stotram in namavalli form:

Sri Devi Khadga Mala Namavalli:

Om Sri Chakra Vasinye Namaha
Om Sri Lalitambikaye Namaha
Om Sri Devi Khagda Mala Sri Chakra Kunkum Archana Pujancha Karisye

Om Aim Hrim Srim Aim Klim Sauh Namaha Tripura Sundarye Namaha

Om Aim Hrim Srim Namaha Tripura Sundarye Namaha

Om Aim Hrim Srim Hridaya Deviye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Siro Deviye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sika Deviye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Kavacha Deviye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Netra Deviye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Astra Deviye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Kameshwarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Bhaga Malinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Nitya Klinnaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Bherundaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Vahni Vasinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Vajreshwarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Siva Dutye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Twaritaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Kula Sundarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Nityaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Nila Patakaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Vijayaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Mangalaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Jwala Malinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Chitraye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Nityaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Parameshwara-Parameshwarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Mitresa Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sasthisa Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Uddisa Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Charya Nadha Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Lopa Mudra Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Agastya Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Kala Tapana Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Dharma Charya Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Mukta Kesishwara Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Dipa Kala Nadha Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Visnu Deva Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Prabha Kara Deva Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Tejo Deva Mayye Namaha,
Om Aim Hrim Srim Manoja Deva Mayye Namaha,
Om Aim Hrim Srim Kalyana Deva Mayye Namaha,
Om Aim Hrim Srim Vasu Deva Mayye Namaha,
Om Aim Hrim Srim Ratna Deva Mayye Namaha,
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sri Ramananda Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Anima Siddhaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Laghima Siddhaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Garima Siddhaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Mahima Siddhaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Ishitwa Siddhaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Vashitwa Siddhaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Prakamya Siddhaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Bhukti Siddhaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Iccha Siddhaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Prapti Siddhaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Kama Siddhaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Brahmye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maheshwarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Kaumarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Vaishnavye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Varahye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Mahendrye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Chamundaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Lakshmye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Sanksobhinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Vidravinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Vasankarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarvon Madinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Mahankusaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Kecharye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Bijaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Yonye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Trikandaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Trailokya Mohana Chakra Swaminye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Prakata Yoginye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Kama Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Buddhya Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Ahankara Karsiniye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sabdha Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sparsa Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Rupa Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Rasa Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Gandha Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Chitta Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Dhairya Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Smritya Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Nama Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Bija Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Atma Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Amrta Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarira Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarvasa Pari Puraka Chakra Swaminye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Gupta Yoginye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Ananga Kusumaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Ananga Mekalaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Ananga Madanaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Ananga Madanan Turaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Ananga Rekaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Ananga Veginye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Anangankushaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Ananga Malinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Sanksobana Chakra Swaminye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Gupta Tara Yoginye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Samksobhinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Vidravinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Karsinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Hladinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Sammohinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Stambinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Jrumbhinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Vasankarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Ranjanye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarvon Madinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarvarda Sadikaye Namaha,
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Sampatti Puranye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Mantra Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Dwandwa Ksayamkarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Saubhagya Dayaka Chakra Swaminye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sampradaya Yoginye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Siddhi Pradaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Sampat Pradaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Priyankarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Mangala Karinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Kama Pradaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Duka Vimochanye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Mrityu Prasamanye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Vigna Nivaranye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarvanga Sundarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Saubhagya Dayinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarvarda Sadaka Chakra Swaminye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Kulottirna Yoginye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Jnaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Shaktye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarvaishwarya Pradayinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Jnana Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Vyadi Vinasinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarvadara Swarupaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Papa Haraye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Ananda Mayye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Raksa Swarupinaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarvepsita Phala Pradaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Raksakara Chakra Swaminye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Nigarbha Yoginye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Vasinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Kameshwarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Modinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Vimalaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Arunaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Jayinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarveshwarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Kaulinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Rogahara Chakra Swaminye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Rahasya Yoginye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Baninye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Capinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Pasinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Ankusinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Kameshwarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Vajreshwarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Bhaga Malinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarva Siddhi Prada Chakra Swaminye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Ati Rahasya Yoginye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sri Sri Maha Bhattarikaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sarvananda Maya Chakra Swaminye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Parapara Rahasya Yoginye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Tripuraye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Tripureshye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Tripura Sundarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Tripura Vasinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Tripura Sriye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Tripura Malinye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Tripura Siddhaye Namaha -
Om Aim Hrim Srim Tripurambaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Tripura Sundarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Maheshwarye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Maha Rajnye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Maha Shaktye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Maha Guptye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Maha Jnaptye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Mahannandaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Maha Skandaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Maha Sayaye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Maha Maha Sri Chakra Nagara Samrajnye Namaha
Om Aim Hrim Srim Sri Lalita Tripura Sundari Deviye Namo Namaha

Namaste Namaste Namaste Namo Namaha

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

rain mantra

By the Grace of God and Guru,

Here is a mantra for rain:

""Nikame nikame nah parjanyo varsatu",

this is a very powerful mantra . It is chanted with strong conviction, "The clouds have to form, the clouds have to form, it has to rain, it has to rain!" And a sankalpa - firm resolution is made for it to rain in a particular place," this "is a mantra
from the Vedas... the Yajur Veda.
It is chanted to bring rain to a particular area, " says Karunamayi Amma of in Her book "The Nectar of Jnana" pages 206,208

Gayatri Sanjivini Mantra

By the Grace of God and Guru,

In the the book, "Sri Gayatri" revealed by Karunamayi Amma of ,
there is the Gayatri Sanjivini Mantra on page 109:


"Today, Amma will tell you about sanjivini vidya,
the knowledge of the rejuvenating energy
concealed in the Sri Gayatri Mantra:

Om trayambakam yajamahe
Om bhur bhuvah suvah tat savitur varenyam
Om sugandim pusti vardenam
Om bhargo devasya dhimahi
Om urva rukamiva bandahanat
Om dhiyo yonah prachodayat
Om mrtyor muksiya mamritat

This is the Gayatri sanjivini vidya.
It is necessary to be initiated into this maha mantra by a Sadguru,
a fully illumined Guru.
You can acquire the power of sanjivini vidya by repeating this mantra as
many lakhs of times as the total number of seed syllables in the mantra.
This incredibly powerful maha mantra is the combination of
Sri Gayatri Mantra and Sri Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.
Sri Gayatri Mantra fills the hearts of those who chant it
and meditate on it with tender compassion.
That is why Amma just told you about the Sanjivini Mantra."
end of excerpt.

No more is said or written about it

i believe a lakh is 1 hundred thousand - 100,000 times, the Gayatri Mantra seems to has 30 syllables plus the lokas and the Mrityunjaya seems to have 34 plus the extra om's of 5 would be 69(?) syllables - lakhs,therefore 69 x 100,000 = 6,900,000.
And my intuition tells me that you can add the Om Haum Jum Sah prefix bijas and Om Sah Jum Haum Om suffix bijas that go with the Mrityunjaya Mantra to it.

Om Shanti
In service of God and Guru,

SRI SUKTAM with Shodasakshari Bija Mantra

SHRI SUKTAM with Shodasakshari Bija Mantra (Aim Klim Sa-u = Bala Devi Bija )

Śhrīm Hiraņya varnám hariņīm suvarna rajatas rajám
Chandrám hiranmayīm lakshmīm jatavedo ma avaha (1)

Hrīm Tám ma ávaha játavedo lakśhmīm anapagáminī-im

Yasyám hiraņyam vindeyam gám aśhwam puruśhán aham (2)

Klīm Aśhwa pūrvám rada madiyám hasti náda prabódiním
Śhriyam devím upavaye śhrír-ma deví jushatám (3)

Aim Kám só-smitám hiranya prákárám árdrám jwalantím triptám tarpayantím
Padme stitám padma varnám támihó pavaye śhriyam (4)

Souh Chandrám prabásám yaśha-sá jwalantím śhriyam lóke deva justám u-dárám
Tám padminim-ím sharanam aham prapadye a-lakshmír-me na-śhiya-tám twám vrine (5)

Ǒm Ǎditya varne tapasó dijátó vanaspatish tava vrikshó da bilvaha
Tasya palani tapashá nudantu mayán tará yásh-cha bá-hiya a-lakshmí-hi (6)

Hrīm Upetu mám deva-saka kír-tish-cha maniná saha
Prádūr būtó' smi rash-tre-smin kír-tim ridim dadátu me (7)

Śhrim Kshut pipá-sá malám jyesh-tám alaksh-mím náshayá miyaham
Abūtim a samridin cha sarván nirnuda me gri-ha-te (8)

AIM Ka E I La Hrim

Ganda dwárám durá darşhám nitya pushtám karíshiní-im
Iśhwarím-im-gum sarva būtánám támihó pavaye śhriyam (9)

KLIM Ha Sa Ka Ha La Hrim

Manasa ká mama kūtím vácha satyam ashí-mahi
Paśhūná-gum rūpam an-nasya mayi śhrí shrayatám yaśh-a-ha (10)

SA-U Sa Ka La Hrīm Shrim Kardamená praja būtá mayi sambava kardaman
Śhriyam vásaya me kule mátaram padma máliním| (11)

Sa-u Ǎpa shri-jantu snig-dáni chik-líta vasa me grihe
Ni-cha devím mátaram śhriyam vásaya me kule (12)

Aim Ardrám pushkariním pushtim pingalám padma máliním
Chandrám hiran-mayím lakshmím játavedó ma mávaha (13)

Klīm Ǎrdrám ya kariním yashtim suvarnám hema máliním
Sūryám hiran-mayím lakshmím játavedó ma mávaha (14)

Hrīm Tám ma ávaha játevedó lakshmím anapagámini-ím
Yasyam hiranyam prabūtam gávó dáshiyó aśhwá-an vinde-yam purushan aham (15)

Shrīm Ya shuchi prayato bu-twa ju-huya da-jwa manvaham
Suktam pancha dashash charancha shri kama satatam japet (16)

Śhrīm Ǒm Mahá Lakshmiye cha vidmahe
Vishnu patne-i cha dímahi
Tano Lakshmí prachódayát (17)

Ǒm Shánti shánti shánti -hi

Shiva Suktam and Rudram: Namakam and Chamakam

A phonetic english translation of Shiva Suktam which is part of Chamakam from Yajur Veda chapter 18, is one of the Pancha Suktas and is normally recited in all vedic poojas; along with the rudram of the namakam and chamakam

Sri Shiva Suktam

Shan chame mayash chame priyam chame nuka-mash chame
Ka-mash chame so-mana sash chame badram cha me shre-yash chame
Yas-yash chame ya-shash chame bagash chame dravinam chame
Yanta chame darta chame kshe-mash chame dri-tish chame
Vishvam chame mahash chame samvich chame
Gya-tram chame sush chame pra-sush chame
Si-ram chame la-yash cha ma-ri-tam chame mri-tam chame
A-yaksh-mam cha me-anama-yach chame ji-va-tush chame
Dirga-yu-twam cha me-ana-mitram cha me-abhayam chame
Sugam chame shayanam chame su-sha chame sudinam chame Rudram Part I Part 2 Part 1 part 2 (listed as part3 video)

Sri Rudram - Namakam
(Chapter 16 of Yajur-Veda)

Anuvaka 1

Om namo bhagavate Rudraya

Namaste rudra-manyava uto ishhave namah
Namaste astu danvane bahu biyamuta te namaha

Yata i-shu shivatama shivam babuva te danu-o
Shiva sharavya-ya tava taya no rudra mri-daya

Ya te rudra shiva tano ragora papa-kashini
Taya na stanuva shanta maya giri shanta-bi-chaka-shi-hi

Yami-shum girishanta haste bibar-shyastave
Shivam giri-tra tam kuru mahi si purusham jagat

Shivena vachasa twa giri-sha cha vada-masi
Yata na sarva mi jagadayash-ma-gum-asumana asat
Ad’ya vochadadi vakta pratamo devyo bishake
A-dish cha sarva-an jambayant sarvash cha ya tudanya-ha .

Aso yastam-ro aruna uta babru sumangala-ha
Ye chema rudra abito di-shu Shri-ta sahasra sho vesam-heda-imahe
Aso yo vasarpati nilagrivo vilohita-a-ha
Utenam gopa adrishan nadrishan nudahar-ya-ha
Utenam vishva butani-sa drishto mridayati naha

Namo astu nila grivaya sahasra shaya mi-dush-he-he
Ato ye asya satwa no aham teb’yo karan namaha .

Pramun cha danvanas twa mubayo rart-niyo rig’jyam
Yash-cha te hasta ishava para ta bagavo vapa .

Avatatya danus tva sahasra-sha shatesh ude
Ni-shir ya shalya-nam muka shivo na sumana bava

Vidyam dano kapardino vishal yo banava-gum uta
Aneshan-na-sye-shava aburasya nishangati-hi

Ya te heti midush tama haste babuva te dano-ho
Taya-asman vishva tas-twa mayash maya pari-buja

Namaste as twa yudaya natataya drish nave-eh
Uba biyamuta te namo bahubiyam tava danvane

Pari te danvano heti rasman vrinak-tu vishvata-a-ha
Ato ya i-shudistavare asma ni de-tam

Namaste astu bagavan vishvesh varaya maha devaya tryambakaya tripuran ta-kaya trikagni kalaya kal-agni rudraya nila kantaya mrutyun jaya-ya sarvesh vara-ya sadashiva ya shri man maha devaya namaha

Anuvaka 2

Namo hiranya bahave senan ye dishan cha pataye namo
namo vrik-shebhyo hari ke-shebyah pashunam pataye namo
namah sasa spi-gnaraya twi-shi-mate patinam pataye namo
namo bablushaya vivyadine na-nam pataye namo
namo hari kesha yo pavitine pushta-nam pataye namo
namo bavasya he-tye jagatam pataye namo
namo rudra-ya-tatavine kshetra-nam pataye namo
namah sutaya han-tyaya vana-nam pataye namo namah
Namo rohitaya stapataye vrik-shanam pataye namo
namo mantrine vani-jaya kak-shanam pataye namo
namo buvantaye variva-skritayo-shadinam pataye namo
nama u-yergoshaya-krandayate patinam pataye namo
namah kritsna-vitaya davate sa-twanam pataye nama-ha

3rd Anuvaka

Nama sahamanaya nivyadina a-vyadini-nam pataye namo
namah kakubaya nishangine-eh stena-nam pataye namo
namo ni shangina i-shudimate tas-ka-ra-nam pataye namo
namo vagn-chate parivagn-chate sta-yu-nam pataye namo
namo ni cherave paricharaya-ranya-nam pataye namo
namah sri kavibiyo jigagum sadbiyo mosh-na-tam pataye namo
namo-a simadbiyo naktam charad-biya prakrin-ta-nam pataye namo
nama ush nishine giricharaya kulugn-chanam pataye namo namah
namo i-shumad-biyo danvavi b’yash cha wo namo
nama a tanvane-biya pratida-dane b’yash cha wo namo
nama aya-chad-biyo vi-sri-jad b’yash cha wo namo
namo syad-biyo vid-yad b’yash cha wo namo
nama a-si-ne-biya shayane b’yash cha wo namo
namah swa pad-biyo ja-grad b’yash cha wo namo
namo stish-tad-biyo da-vad b’yash cha wo namo
namah saba-biya sa-bapati b’yash cha wo namo
namo ash-we-biyo shwa-pati b’yash cha wo namah

Anuvaka 4

Namah avyadini-i-biyo vivi dyanti b’yash cha wo namo
nama ugana-biya straha-gum-ati b’yash cha wo namo
namo grit-se’biyo grutsapa-ti b’yash cha wo namo
namo vrate-eh--biyo vratapa-ti b’yash cha wo namo
namo gane-biyo ganapa-te b’yash cha wo namo
namo virupe-biyo vishvaru-pe b’yash cha wo namo
namo mahad-biya shula-ke b’yash cha wo namo
namo rati-biyo rate b’yash cha wo namo
namo rate-eh-biyo ratapati b’yash cha wo namo
namah sena-a-biya sena-ni b’yash cha wo namo
namah kshatri-biya sangra-hitri b’yash cha wo namo
namah stak-sha-biyo rataka-re b’yash cha wo namo
namah kula-le-biya karmare-eh b’yash cha wo namo
namah pugn-ish-te-eh-biyo nisha-de b’yashcha wo namo
namah i-shukrid-biyo danva-krid b’yashcha wo namo
namo mruga-yu-biya shwani b’yashcha wo namo
namah shwa-biya shwa-pati b’yashcha wo nama ha

Anuvaka 5

Namo bavaya cha rudraya cha
namah sharvaya cha pashupataye cha
namo nila grivaya cha shiti kantaya cha
namah kapardine cha vyup-ta-keshaya cha
namah sahasrak-shaya cha shatadan vane cha
namo girishaya cha shipivishtaya cha
namo midushtamaya cheshumate cha
namo-oh hrasvaya cha vama-naya cha
namo brihate cha varshiyase cha
namo vrid-daya cha samvrid-di-vane cha
namo agriyaya cha pratamaya cha
nama ashave cha ji-raya cha
namah shi-gri-yaya cha shib-yaya cha
namo urm-yaya cha vas-van-yaya cha
namah strotas-yaya cha dwip-yaya cha

Anuvaka 6

Namo-oh jyesh-taya cha kanesh-taya cha
namah pur-va-jaya cha parajaya cha
namo madya-maya cha pagal-baya cha
namo jagan-yaya cha bud-ni-yaya cha
namah sob-yaya cha pratisar-yaya cha
namo yam-yaya cha chem-yaya cha
namah urvar-yaya cha kal-yaya cha
namah shlok-yaya cha vasan-yaya cha
namo van-yaya cha kak-shyaya cha
namah shrava-ya cha pratish-ravaya cha
nama ashushenaya cha shurataya cha
namah shuraya cha vabindate cha
namo varmine cha varutine cha
namo bil-mine cha kavachi-ne cha
namah shrutaya cha shrutase-naya cha

Anuvaka 7

Namo dundu-byaya cha hanan-yaya cha
namo drishnave cha pramrishaya cha
namo dutaya cha prahitaya cha
namo ni-shangi-ne che-shudima-te cha
nama stik-sh-neshave cha yudhine cha
namah swayudaya cha sudanvane cha
namah srut-yaya cha pat-yaya cha
namah kat-yaya cha nip-yaya cha
namah sud-yaya cha saras-yaya cha
namo nad-yaya cha ve-shantaya cha
Namah kup-yaya cha vat-yaya cha
namo varsh-yaya cha varsh-yaya cha
namo meg-yaya cha vidyut-yaya cha
nama i-gri-yaya cha tap-yaya cha
namo vat-yaya cha resh-mi-yaya cha
namo vas-tav-yaya cha va-stupaya cha

Anuvaka 8

namah somaya cha rudraya cha
nama stam-raya cha arunaya cha
nama shan-gaya cha pashupataye cha
nama u-graya cha bi-maya cha
namo agrevadaya cha durevadaya cha
namo hantre cha hani-yase cha
namo vrik-she-biyo cha vari-ke-she-biyo cha
nama staraya nama shambave cha mayobave cha
namah shan-karaya cha mayas-karaya cha
namah shivaya cha shivata-raya cha
Nama stirt-yaya cha kul-yaya cha
namah par-yaya cha var-yaya cha
namah pratara-naya cho-taranaya cha
nama a-tar-yaya cha lad-yaya cha
namah shash-yaya cha pen-yaya cha
namah sikat-yaya cha prava-yaya cha

Anuvaka 9

namah irin-yaya cha prapat-yaya cha
namah ki-gum-shi-laya cha kshaya-naya cha
namah kapardine cha pulastaye cha
namo gosht-yaya cha gri-yaya cha
namah stalp-yaya cha ge-yaya cha
namah kat-yaya cha gawa-resh-yaya cha
namo-oh hriday-yaya cha niveshp-yaya cha
namah pa-gum-sav-yaya cha rajas-yaya cha
namah shushk-yaya cha harit-yaya cha
namo lop-yaya cha lap-yaya cha
nama urv-yaya cha surm-yaya cha
namah parn-yaya cha parna-shad-yaya cha
namo apagurama-naya cha big-nate cha
nama ak-kidate cha prak-kidate cha
namo va kiri-ke-biyo devana-gum hridaye-biyo
namo vik-shina-ke-biyo namo vichin vat-ke-biyo
nama anir-hate-biyo nama-a mivatke-biya-ha

Anuvaka 10

Drape andasa spate daridran nilalohita
e-sham Purushan namesham pa-shunam ma ber-maro mo e-sham kinchana ma mat


Ya te rudra shiva tanu shiva vish vaha be shaji
Shiva Rudra-sya be shaji taya no mri-da jivase-eh

Ima-gum rudraya tavase kapardine-eh kshaya-dwiraya prabaramahe matim
Yata na shamasad-dwipade chatush pade vishwam pushtam grame asmina naturam
Mri-da no rudro tano maya skri-di kshaya dwiraya namasa vid-hema te
Ya-cham cha yosh cha manura yaje pita tada shyama tava Rudra pranito

Mano mahantamuta mano arbakam mana uk-shanta muta mana uk-shitam
Mano vadi pitaram mota mataram priya ma nas-tanuvo rudra ri-i-sha-ah-ha

Mana stoke tanaye mana ayush-i mano gosh-u mano ashveshu ri-i-sh-hah
Viran mano rudra bamito avadi ravishmanto namasa vid-ema te

Arate gogh-na utta purushaghne kshayad viraya sum-namas-me te astu
Raksha chano abi cha deva bruyata chana sharma yacha dwibarha-a-a

Stuhi shrutam gartasadam yuvanam mri-gana bima mupahat numugram
Mruda ya-ritre rudra sta vano an-yante asman nivapantu sena-ha

Parino Rudra-sya hetir vrinaktu pari twesh-hasya durma tiragayo-ho
Ava stira maga vadbya stanush-va mi-dwashto kaya tanayaya mrudaya

Midushtama shivatama shivo na sumana bava
Parame vruk-sha-ha ayudam nidaya kritim vasana achara pinakam vibrada gahi

Vikirida vilohita namaste astu bagavaha
Yaste sahasra-gum-heta yonyam asman niva pantu ta-ha .

Sahasra ni sahasra daba huvo stava hetaya-ha
Tasa-mi-shano bagava para china muka kridi

Avuvaka 11

Sahasra ni sahasra sho ye rudra adi-bum-ya-am
Tesha-gum sahasra yoyane avadan vanitan masi

Asmin maha tyarnave anta rikshe bava adi
Nilagriva shiti-kanta-a sharva ada-ha kshama charah-ha

Nilagriva shiti-kanta diva-gum rudra upashrita-ha
Ye vrik-shesh-hu saspinyara nilagriva vilohitah-ha

Ye butanam adipatayo vishikasa kapardina-ha.
Ye an neshu vividhyanti patreshu pibato janane-eh

Ye patam patira kshaya ai-labrida ya vyudha-ha
Ye tirtani pracharanti sri kavanto ni-shangina-ha
Ya yetavantashcha bu-ya-gum sashcha disho rudra vitastire
Tesha-gum sahasra yoyane Avadanvani tanmasi

Namo rudre-biyo ye pritivyam ye-eh antarik-she ye divi-ye-shamanam
Vato varsh-am-ish-hava stebhyo dasha pra-chir-dasha dakshina dasha
Prati-chirdashodi-chirdashor-dwastebiyo namaste no mri-dayantu te yam dwishmo Yashcha no dweshti tam vo yambe da-dami

Tryambakam yajamahe sugandim pushti vardanam
Urva rukamiva bandanan mrityor muksiya mamritat-a-te

Yo rudro agno yo apsu ya osha dish-u
Yo rudro vishva buvana vivesha tasme rudraya namo astu

Tamush-tuhi yah swish-hu sudanva yo vishvasya kshayati besh-hayasya
Yak shwa mahe somanasaya rudram nabob rdevamasuram duvasya

Ayam me hasto bagavanayam me bagavatara-ha
Ayam me-eh vishva besh-hayo-gum-aya shiva bimarshana-ha

Ye te sahasramayutam pasha mrityo martyaya hantave
Tan yagyasya mayaya sarvana va yayamahe.
Mrityave swaha mrityave svaha -ah

Om namo bhagavate rudraya. vishhnave mrityur-me pahi
Prananam granti-rasi rudro ma vishan-taka-ha
Te-nan-nena-ah-pyaya swa Sada shivoham
Om shanti shanti shanti - chamakam

Sri Rudram
Chamakam (Yajur-Veda chapter 18)

Om Agna vishnu sajoshasema vardantu vam gira-ha Dyum nervaye biragatam

“Vajash chame prasavash chame prayatish chame
prasitish chame ditish chame kratush chame
swarash chame shlokash chame shravash chame
shrutish chame jyotish chame suvash chame
pranash chame panash chame vyanash chame
sush chame chitam chama aditam chame
vak chame manash chame chak-shush chame
shrotram chame dakshash chame balam chama oyash chame
sahash chama ayush chame jara cha ma atma chame
tanush chame sharma chame varma chame
gnani chame stani chame pari-gum chame sharirani chame”

“Jyeshtyam chama adipatyam chame manyush chame
bamash chame mash chame bash chame
jema chame mahima chame varima cha me
pratima chame varshma chame traguya chame
vridam chame vridish chame satyam chame
shrada chame jagach chame danam chame
vashash chame twi-shish chame krida chame
modish chame jatam chame janish-hyamanam chame
suktam chame sukri-tam chame vitam chame
vedyam chame butam chame bavish-hyach chame
sugam chame supatam chama ridam chama ridish chame
kliptam chame kliptish chame matish chame sumatish chame “

“Shan chame mayash chame priyam chame nukamash chame
kamash chame somana-sash chame badram chame
shreyash chame vasyash chame yashash chame
bagash chame dravinam chame yanta chame
darta chame chemash chame dritish chame
vishwam chame mahash chame samvich chame
gyatram chame sush chame prasush chame
siram chame layash cha-maritam chame
amritam chame yakshmam chame namayach chame
jivatush chame dirgayutwam chame namitram chame
bayam chame sugam chame shayanam chame
susha chame sudinam chame .”

”Urk chame sunrita chame payash chame
rasash chame gritam chame maduchame
sagdish chame sapi-tish chame krishish chame
vrishtish chame jetram chama od-bidyam chame
rayish chame rayash chame pushtam chame
pushtish chame vibuchame prabuchame
bahuchame bu-yash chame purnam chame
purnataram chame chitish chame kuyavash chame
nam chame chuch chame vrihiyash chame
yava-ash chame masha-ash chame tila-ash chame
mud-gash chame kalva-ash chame goduma-ash chame
masura-ash chame priyamgavash chame navash chame
shyamaka-ash chame nivara-ash chame “

“Ashma chame mri-tika chame girayash chame
parvatash chame sikatash chame vana-spatayash cha me
hiranyam chame yash chame sisam chame
trapush chame shyamam chame lo-ham chame
gnish chama apa chame virudash chama oshadayash chame krishtapachyam chame akrishtapachyam chame gramyash chame pashava aranyash cha yagyena kalpantam
vitam chame vitish chame butam chame butish chame
vasu chame vasatish chame karma chame
shaktish chame tash chama emash chama itish chame gatish chame “

“Agnish chama indrash chame somash chama indrash chame
savita chama indrash chame saraswati chama indrash chame
pusha chama indrash chame brihaspatish chama indrash chame
mitrash chama indrash chame varunash chama indrash chame
twash-ta chama indrash chame data chama indrash chame
vish-nush chama indrash chame shwino chama indrash chame
marutash chama indrash chame vishve chame deva indrash chame
pritivi chama indrash chame tariksham chama indrash chame
dyosh chama indrash chame dishash chama indrash chame
murda chama indrash chame prajapatish chama indrash chame “

“A-gum-shush chame rashmish chame da-a-biyash chame
adipatish chama upa-gum-shush chame
taryamash chama aindravayash chame
metravarunash chama ashvinash chame
pratipas-tanash chame shu-krash chame
manti chama agrayanash chame
veshwadevash chame druvash chame
veshwanarash chama ritugrahash chame
tigra-hya-ash chama aindragnash chame
veshvadeva-ash chame maru-twatiya-ash chame
mah-endrash-a chama adityash chame
sawitrash chame saruswatash chame
poshnash chame patnivatash chame hariyo-yanash chame “

“Idmash chame barhish chame vedish chame
dishniyash chame sruchash chame tamasash chame
gravanash chame swaravash chama uparavash chame
*Adishavane chame dronakalashash chame vayavyani chame putabrichame
adavaniyash chama agnidram chame
ha virdanam chame grihash chame
sadash chame purodashash chame
pachatash chame avabritash chame swagakarash chame “

“Agnish chame darmash chame kash chame
suryash chame pranash chame shwamedash chame
pritivi chame ditish chame ditish chame
dyosh chame shakwari rangulayo dishash chame
yagyena kalpantam rik chame sama chame stomash chame
yajush chame diksha chame tapash chama ritush chame
vratam chame horatrayo-or-vrishtya briha-dratantare chame
yagyena kalpetam “

“Garba-ash chame vatsash chame travish chame
travi chame dityavat chame dityohi chame
panchavish chame panchavi chame trivatsash chame
trivatsa chame turyavat chame turyohi chame
pashtavat chame pashtohi chama uksha chame
vasha chama rishabash chame vehash chame nadwan chame
denush chama ayur yagyena kalpatam prano yagyena kalpatam apano yagyena kalpatam vyano yagyena kalpatam chakshur yagyena kalpatam shrotram yagyena kalpatam mano yagyena kalpatam vag yagyena kalpatam atma yagyena kalpatam yagyo yagyena kalpatam”


“Eka chame ti-srash chame pancha chame sapta chame nava chama ekadasha chame trayodasha chame panchadasha chame saptadasha chame
navadasha chama eka-vi-gum-shatish chame trayovi-gum-shatish chame
panchavi-gum-shatish chame saptavi-gum-shatish chame navavi-gum-shatish chama

ekatri-gum-shach chame trayastri-gum-shach chame chatasrash chame
shto chame dvadasha chame shodasha chame
vi-gum-shati-ish chame chaturvi-gum-shatish chame ashtavi-gum-shatish chame
vatri-gum-shach chame shatri-gum-shach chame cha-twari-gum-shach chame”

“chatush cha twari-gum-shach cha shta-tigum cha twari-gum-shach chame
vajash cha prasavash cha pijash cha kratush cha suvash cha murda cha
vyashniyash cha ntyayanash cha ntyash cha bovanash cha
buvanash cha adipatish cha”


Chamakam Shanti pata

Ida deva hurma nuryagyanir brihaspati ruk tamani shasish-gum adwish vedeva sukta vacha pritivi matar ma ma hi-gum sir madu manishye madu yanishye madu vakshyami madu vadishyami madu matim devebiyo vacha mudyasa-gum shushrushenya-am manushye-e biyastam ma deva avantu shobaye pita ranumam dantu

Om shanti shanti shanti

Narayana Suktam

Narayana Suktam in praise of Lord Vishnu

Sahasra shiresham devam vishwa cham vishwa sham buvam
Vishwam narayanam devama ksharam paramam padam

Vishwa-ta paramam nityam vishwam narayana-gum harim
Vishwa-me vedam Purusha-stad vishwamu paji vati

Patim vishwa syat meshwara-gum shaswata-gum shiva machyutam
Narayanam maha yeyam vishwat-manam para yanam
Narayana paro jyotir atma narayana para-aha
Narayana param brahma tatwam narayana para-aha
Narayana paro dyata dhyanam narayana para-aha

Ya cha kin-chit jagat sarvam drish’yate-e shruya tepi va
Antar bahish-cha tat sarvam vya p’ya narayana stita-ha

Ananta mavya yam kavi-gum sa mudren tam vishwa shambuvam
Padma kosha prati ka-sha-gim hridayam chap yado mukam

Ado nish t’ya vitas syan te nabyamupari tish tati
Jwala mala kulam bati vishwa-sya ya tanam maha-te

Santata-gum shilabistu lambatya koshi sanibam
Tasyante sushira-gum sukshman tasmin-m sarvam pratishtitam

Tasya madye maha nagnir vishwa-chir vishva-to muka -ha
Sogra bugriv bajan tishta naha-ra mahara kavi-i
Triya gurdwa mas dasha-yi rasmaya tasya santata
Santa payati swam deha mapa datala mastaga-ha
Tasya madye vani shika ani-yur-ur dwa v’ya vastita-ha

Nilato yada mad’yastad vid yu le ke va swara-ha
Nivara shuka vatani vi pita ba-aswatyanupama

Tasya-a shi-kaya madye parama-at-ma v’ya vastita-ha
Sa brahma sa shiva sa hari sendra so kshara parama swara-te

Rita-gum satyam param brahma purusham krishna pingalam
urdwaretam virupa-ksham vishwa-rupaya ve namo nama-ha

Narayanaya vidhmahe
Vasudevaya Dhimahi
Tanno Vishnu prachodayat

Vishnornukam viryani pravocham ya partivani rajamsi yo
Askabayadutaram sadastam vichakra manas tredorugayo vishnu
Raratamasi Vishnu syurasi vishnu dhruvamsi veshnavamasi vishnave twa

Om shanti shanti shanti

Chandi Path Devi Mahat Miyam Durga Sapta Shati

By the Grace of God and Guru,

Here is a phonetic english translation of the Chandi Path Devi Mahat Miyam Durga Aapta Sati included in the the following:


Om asiya shri chandi kavach asiya bram rishi hi anustup chanda ha chamunda devata angaya sokta mataro bijam dig banda devatas tatwam shri jagad amba prit yarte sapta shast patanga twena jape viniyoga ha
Om namash chandikaye
Markandeya uvacha:
1. Yad guhiyam para mam loke sarva raksha karam nrunamYan na kasiya chidakiya tam tan me bruhi pita maha
Bramo uvacha:
2. Asti guhiya ta mam vipra sarva buto pakara kamDeviyastu kavacham punyam tach chrunushwa maha mune
3. Pratamam shela putrid cha dwiti yam brama chariniTriti yam chadra gan teti kushman deti chaturta kam
4. Pancha mam skandam ateti sastam katiya ya niti chaSaptamam kala ratri ti maha goriti chas ta mam
5. Navamam sidi datri nava durga prakirti taUk tanye tani nam ani brama neva mahat mana
6. Agni nada hiya manas tu shatru madiye ga tora ne Visame durga me cheva bayart ta sharanam gata
7. Na tesham jayate kim chida shubam rana sam kate Napa tasiya pashiyami shoka duka bayam na hi
8. Yestu baktiya smruta nunam tesham vrudi praja yate Ye twam smaranti deveshi rakshase tan na sam shaya
9. Preta samsta tu chamunda varahi mahishasana A endri gaja sama ruda veshnavi garu dasana
10. Maheshwari vrusha baruda komari shiki vaha na Lakshmi padmasana devi padma hasta hari priya
11. Sweta rup dara devi ishwari vrusa vahana Brami hamsa sama ruda sarva barana busita
12. It yeta matara sarva sarva yoga saman vita ha Nana barana shobadiya nana ratno pasho bita ha
13. Drusiyante rata ma ruda deviya kroda sama kula ha Shankam chakram gadam shaktim halam cha musa layudam
14. Keta kam toaram cheva parashum pasha meva cha Kunta yudam trisulam cha sharn gama yudam ut ta mam
15. Detiyanam deha nashaya bakta nama baya ya chaDara yanti yayu danit tam devanam cha hitaya ve
16. Namaste astu maha rodre maha gora para krame Maha bale mahot sahe maha baya vinashini
17. Trahi mam duspre kshiye shatru nam baya var dini Prachiyam rakshati mam endri agne yam agni devata
18. Daksine evato vara hi neri tiyam kadga dari ni Pratichiyam varu ni rakshed vaya viyam mruga vahi ni
19. Ude chiyam komari eshaniyam shula darini Ur dwam bramani me rakshed adstad veshnavi tada
20. Evam dasha disho rakshe chamunda shava vahan Jayame chagrata patu vijaya patu prush tata ha
21. A jita vama parshwe tu dakshine chapa raji ta Shi kamu diyotini raksed uma murd ni viya vas tita
22. Mala dari lalate cha bruvo rakshed yashawini Trinetra cha bruvor madiye yama ganta cha nasike
23. Shankini chakshu shor madiye shrotra yordwara vasi ni Kapalo kalika rakshet kana mule tu shankari
24. Nasikayam suganda cha uta roshte cha charchika Adare chamruta kala jivayam tu cha saraswati
25. Dantan rakshatu komari kanta deshe tu chandika Gantikam chi traganta cha maha maya cha taluke
26. Kama ksi chibu kam rakshed vacham me sarva mangala Grivayam badra kali cha prush tavam she danur dari
27. Nila griva bahi kante nalikam nalaku bari Skandayo kadgini rakshed bahu me vajra darini
28. Hasta yor dandini rakshed ambika cha angulishu cha Nakan chuleshwari rakshet kukso rakshet naleshwari
29. Stanu rakshen maha devi mana shoka vinashini Hrudaye lalita devi shula darini
30. Nabo cha kamini rakshed guhiyam guhyeshwari tata Putana cha medram cha gudam mahisha vahini
31. Katiyam bagagavati rakshed januni vindiya vasini Jange maha bala rakhet sarva kama prada yini
32. Gulpayor narasimhi cha pada prushte tu tejasi Padan angulishu shri rakshet pada dastala vasini
33. Nakan damstra kara li cha keshamsh che vor dwa keshini Roma kupeshu koberi twacham vagishwari tata
34. Rakta maj javasa mam san yasti medamsi parvati Andrani kala ratrish cha pitam cha mukuteshwari
35. Padma vati padma koshe kape chudamanis tata Jwala muki naka jwalam abediya sarva sandishu
36. Shukram bramani me rakshed chayam chatreshwari tata Aham karam mano budim rakshen me darma darini
37. Prana panao tata viyanam udanam cha sama nakam Vajra hasta ca me rakshet pranam kaliyana shobhana
38. Rase rupe gande cha shabe sparshe ca yogini Sat twam rajas tamash cheva rakshen narayani sada
39. Ayu rakshatu varahi darmam rakshatu veshnavi Yasha kirtim cha lakshmin cha danam vidiyam cha chakrini
40. Gotram indrani me rakshet pashun me raksha chandike Putran rakshen maha laksmir baryan rakshatu beravi
41. Patanam supata rakshen margam kshema kari tata Rajadware maha laksmir vijaya sarvata stita
42. Raksha hinan tu yat stanam varjitam kavachena tu Tad sarvam raksha me devi jayanti papa nashini
43. Pada mekam naga che tu yadi che chubam atmana ha Kavachena vruto nitiyam yatra yatreva ga chati
44. Tatra tatra ta labash cha vijaya sarva kami ka haYam yam chinta yate kamam tam tam prap noti nish chitam Parameshwari yama tu lam prapsiyate butale puman
45. Nirbayo jayate martiya san grameshwa para jita ha Trelokiye tu bavet pujiya kavach chena vruta puman ne
46. Idam tu deviya kavacham deva nama pi durla bam Ya patet prayato nitiyam trisandiyam shrada yan vita ha
47. Devi kala bave tasiya trelokiye shwa para jita ha Jived varsa shatam shagram apamrutiyu vivar jita ha
48. Nashiyanti viyadaya sarve luta vispo taka daya ha Stavaram janga mam cheva krutri mam chapi yadwisham
49. Abi charani sarvani mantra yan trani butale Buchara kecharash chaiva jala jash cho padashika ha
50. Sahaja kulaja mala dakini shakini tata Anta riksha chara gora dakiniyansh cha maha bala
51. Graha buta pisha chash cha yaksha gan darva rakshasa ha Brama rakshasa vetala kush manda bera vadaya ha
52. Nashiyanti darshana tasiya kava che hrudi sam stite Mano natir baved ragna tejo vrudi karam param
53. Yasha vardate sopi kirti mandita butale Japet sapta shatim chandim krutwa tu kavacham pura
54. Yavad buman dalam date sashela vana kana nam Tavat tistat ti mediniyam santati putra paotriki
55. Dehante paramam stanam yat surerapi durla bam Prap noti purusho nitiyam maha maya prasadata
56. Labate parama rupam shivena saha modate
Om asiya shri argali stotram mantrasiya vishnur rsihi hi anustup chanda shri maha lakshmir devata shri jagadamba prit yarte sapta shati patanga twena jape viniyoga ha
Om namash chandikaye
Markendeya uvacha:
1. Om jayanti mangala kali badrakali kapaliniDurga kshama shiva datri swaha swada namostute
2. Jaya twam devi chamunde jaya butarti harini Jaya sarvagate devi kala ratri namostute
3. Madu kedaba vidravi vidatru varade nama haRupam dehi jayam dehi yaso dehi dwisho jahi
4. Mahishasura nirnashi baktanam sukade nama ha Rupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
5. Rakta bija vade devi chanda munda vinashiniRupam dehi jayam dehi yaso dehi dwisho jahi
6. Shumbasiyeva nisumbasiya dumrakshasiya ca mardini Rupam dehi jayam dehi yaso dehi dwisho jahi
7. Vandi tangiyuge devi sarva sobagiya dayini Rupam dehi jayam dehi yaso dehi dwisho jahi
8. Achintiya rupa charite sarva shatru vinashiniRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
9. Natebiya sarvada baktiya chandike durita paheRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
10. Stuvadbiyo bakti purvam twam chandike viyadi nashiniRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
11. Chandike satatam ye twam archa niyantiha baktita haRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
12. Dehi sobagiyam arogiyam dehi devi param sukamRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
13. Videhi dwishatam nasham videhi bala mu chakeRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
14. Videhi devi kaliyanam videhi paramam shriyamRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi jahi
15. Sura sura shiro ratna nigrusta chara nembike Rupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
16. Vidiya vantam yasha swantam lakshmi vantam janam kuruRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
17. Prachanda detiya darpagne chandike prana taya me Rupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
18. Chaturbuje chatur vaktra samstute parameshwariRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
19. Krishnena samstute devi shashwad baktiya sadambikeRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
20. Himachala suta nata sam stute parameshwariRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
21. Indrani pati sad bava pujite parameshwariRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
22. Devi prachanda dor danda detiya darpa vinashiniRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
23. Devi bakta jano dama data nandoda yembikeRupam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dwisho jahi
24. Patnim manoramam dehi mano vrutanu sarinimTarinim durga samsara sagarasiya kulot bavam
25. Idam stotram paditwa tu maha stotram paden nara haSa tu sapta shati samkiya vara map noti sam padam

Om asiya sri kilaka mantrasiya shiva rishi hi anustup chanda ha shri maha saraswati devata shri jagad amba prit yartam sapt shati patanga twena jape viniyogaha
Markandeya uvacha:
Om namash chandikaye
1. Om vishuda gnana dehaya trivedi diviya chakshuseShreya prapti nimitaya nama somarda darine
2. Sarva metad vija niyan mantranam abi kila kamSo pi kshema mavap noti satatam japa tat para ha
3. Sidiyant yu cha tana dini vastuni sakala niyapiEtena stu vadam devi stotra ma trena sidiyati
4. Na mantro nosadam tatra na kin chid api vidiyateVina japiyena sidiyeta sarvam ucha tana dikam
5. Sama gran yapi sidiyanti loka shankam imam hara haKrutwa nimantra yamasa sarvam evam idam shubam
6. Stotram ve chandika yastu tacha guhiyam chakara sa haSamap tirna cha puniyasiya tam yata vani yantra nam
7. Sopi kshema map noti sarvam eva na samshaya haKrush nayam va chatur dashiyam astamiyam va sama hita ha
8. Dadati prati gruhnati naniyetesha prasi da tiItam rupena kilena maha devena kilitam
9. Yo nish kilam vida yenam nitiyam japati sam spu tamSa sida sa gana sopi gandarvo jayate nara ha
10. Na chevap yata tastasiya bayam kwa piha jaya teNapa mrutiyu vasham yati mruto moksha ma vap nuyat
11. Jna twa prabiya kurvita kurvano vinashiya tiTato jna tweva sam pan nam idam prara biyate bude he
12. Soba giyadi cha yat kin chid drushi yate lalana janeTat sarvam tat prasa dena tena japiyam idam shubam
13. Shanes tu japiyamane smin stotre sampati rucha ke haBavat yeva sama grapi tata prabiyam eva tat
14. Eshwariyam yat prasa dena sobagiya rogiya sampada haShatru hani paro moksa stuyate sa na kim jane ha
Sri Devi MahatmyamPratama Charita(First Part)
Sri Durgaye Namaha
Ata shri durga saptashati pradmo adiyayah


Chapter 1: Description of Killing of Madu and Kedaba
Om pratama charitrasiya brahma rishi hi mahakali devata Gayatri chandaha nanda shakti hi rakta dantika bijam Agnis ta twam rigveda ha swarupam sri maha kali prit yarte Pratama charitra jape viniyogaha
Kadgam chakra gade shu cha pa parigan chulam bushun dim shira Shankam sam dadatim kare strinayanam sarvanga busha vritam Nilash madiyutim asiya pada dasha kam seve maha kalikam Yama stot swapite haro kamalajo hantum madum ketabam
Om namash chandi kaye
1. Om aim markandeya uvacha
2. Savarni surya tanayo yo manu katiyate stama haNishamaya tadut patim vistarad gadato mama
3. Maha maya nuba vena yata manvantara dipa haSa babuva maha baga savarrn istanayo rave he
4. Swaro chi sentare purvam chetra vamsha samud bava haSurato nama rajabut samaste kshiti mandale
5. Tasiya pala yata samiyak praja putra nivorasanBabuvu shatravo bupa kola vi dwamsi na stada
6. Tasiya tera bavad yudam ati prabala dandina haNyunerapi sa teriyude kola vidwamsi bir jita ha
7. Tata swapura mayato nija desha dipo bavat teAkranta sa maha bagas testa da prabala ribi hi
8. Ama tiyer bali bir duster durba lasiya durat mabi hiKosho balam chapa rutam tatrapi swapure tata ha
9. Tato mrugaya viyajena hruta swamiya sa bupati hiEkaki hayama ruhiya jagama gahanam vanam
10. Sa tatra shrama madrak chid dwija variyasiya medasa haPrashanta shwa pada kir rnam muni shisiyo pasho bitam
11. Tasto kamchitsa kalam munina tena satkruta haItash che tash cha vicharams tasmin muni vara shrame
12. So chinta ya tada tatra mama twa krushta chetana haMat purve palitam purvam maya hinam puram hi tat at
13. Mad britiyes terasad vruter darmata palyate na vaNa jane sa pradano me shurahasti sadamada
14. Mama veri vasham yata kan boga nupa lap siyate Ye mama nugata nityam prasada dana bojane he
15. Anuvratim druvam te diya kurvantiyan yamahi brutam Asamyagwaya sileste kurvad bi satatam viyayam
16. Samchita so ti dukena chayam kosho gami shyatiEta chan yacha satatam chinta yamasa partiva
17. Tatra viprashram abiyase veshiyamekam dadarsha haSa prashtastena kastwam bo hetush chagamanetra ka
18. Sashoka iva kasma twam durmana iva laksiyase.Itya karnya vacha stasiya bupate prana yo ditam
19. Pratiyuva cha sa tam veshiya prashraya vanato nirupam
20. Veshiya uvacha:
21. Samadir nama veshiyo hamut pano dani nam kule
22. Putra darer nira stash cha dana lobada sadubiVihinash cha danedare waja putre radaya me danam
23. Vanam biyagado duki nira stas chapta bandbi
24. Pravrutim swajanam cha daranam chatra samstitaKim nu tesham gruhe che ma maksimam kim nu sampratam
25. Katam te kim nu sad vruta durvruta kim ne me suta ha
26. Rajo uvacha:
27. Yer ni rasto bavam lubde putra dara dibir dane
28. Teshu kim bavata sneham anubad nati manasam
29. Veshiya uvacha:
30. Eva metadiyata praha bavana smad gatam vacha ha
31. Kim karomi na bad nati mama nistu ratam mana ha Ye santiya jiya pitru sneham dana lubder nirakrute ha
32. Pati swajana hardam cha hardi teshweva me mana ha Ki me tanabi janami jana napi maha mate
33. Yat prema pravanam chitam viguneshwapi bandu suTesham krute me nishwa so dorma nasiyam na jayate
34. Karomi kim yana mana stesh va pritishu nishturam
35. Markandeya uvacha:
36. Tatasto sahito vipra tam munim samu pa stito
37. Sama dir nama veshiyo so sa cha partiva satama ha Krutwa tu to yatan yayam yatar ham tena sam vidam
38. Upavisto kata kash chich chakratur veshiya partivo
39. Rajo uvacha:
40. Bagavams twam aham prashtum icham yekam vadaswa tat
41. Dukaya yan me manasa swachit tayat tatam vina Mama twam gata rajiyasiya rajiyangeshwa kileswa pi
42. Janatopi yata gnasiya kimetan muni satamaAyam cha nikruta putre darer brutiyes tadoj jita ha
43. Swajanena cha samtiyak tas tesu hardi tata piyatiEva mesa tata ham cha dwavap yat yanta dukito
44. Drusta dose pi visaye mama twa krusta manaso Tat kimetan maha baga yan moha gnani norapi
45. Mamasiya cha bavat yesa vive kandasiya mudata
46. Rishi ruvacha:
47. Gnanamasti sama stasiya jantor visaya gochare
48. Visa yascha maha baga yati chevam prutak prutak Divanda pranina kechid ratra vandas tata pare
49. Kechid diva tata ratro pranina stuliya drush taya Gnanino manuja satiyam kim tute na hi kevalam
50. Yato hi gnanina sarve pashu paksi mrugadaya haGnanam cha tan manusiyanam yate sam mruga paksinam
51. Manu siyanam chaya tesham tuliya manyat tato bayo ho Gnane pi sati pashiyetan patan gagna cha vachagn chushu
52. Kana moksha drutan mohat pidiya mana napi chuda Manusa manu javiyagra sabilasa sutan prati
53. Lobat pratiyu pakaraya nan vetan kim na pashiya siTata pi mama tavarte mohagarte nipatita
54. Maha maya praba vena samsara stiti karinaTan natra vismaya karyo yoga nidra jagat pate he
55. Maha maya haresh chesa taya samo hiyate jagate Gnaninam api chetam si devi bagavati hi sa
56. Balada krusiya mohaya maha maya prayachatiTaya visrujiyate vishwam jagade tach chara charam
57. Sesa prasana varada nirunam bavati muktaye Sa vidya parama mukter hetu buta sanatani
58. Samsara banda hetush cha seva sarveshwareshwari
59. Rajo uvacha:
60. Bagavan ka hi sa devi maha mayeti yam bavan
61. Braviti kada mut pana sa karma siyash cha kim dwija Yat prabava cha sa devi yat swarupa yadud bava
62. Tat sarvam shro tumich chami twato Brahma vidam vara
63. Rishi ruvacha:
64. Nitiyeva sa jagatan murtis taya sarvam idam tatam
65. Tatapi tat samut patir bahuda shruya tam mama Devanam karya sidiyartam avir bavati sa yada
66. Ut paneti tada loke sa nitiya piyabidi yate Yoga nidram yada vishnur jagat yekarna vikrute
67. Astirya sheshama bajat kal pante bagavan prabu Tada dwava suro goru vikiyato madu kedabo
68. Vishnu karna malod buto hantum brahmanam udiyato sa nabi kamala vishno stito brama prajapati
69. Drush twa tavasuro chogro prasup tam cha janar danamTustava yoga nidram tamekagra hrudaya stita ha
70. Vibodanartaya harer hari netra krutalayamVishwesh warim jagad datrim stiti samhara karinim
71. Nidram bagavatim vishno ratulam tejasa prabu ho
72. Bramo uvacha:
73. Twam swaha twam swada twam hi vasat kara swarat mika
74. Suda twam akshare nitye trida matrat mika stita Arda matra stita nitya yanuch charya vishesata ha
75. Twa meva sadiya savitri twam devi janani para Twaye tad dariyate vishwam twaye tat srujiyate jagat
76. Twayetat palyate devi twa mat siyante cha sarvada Vishrushto srush ti rupa twam stiti rupa cha palane
77. Tata sam hruti rupante jagato siya jagan maye Maha vida maha maya maha meda maha smruti
78. Maha moha cha bavati maha devi maha suriPrakrutis twam cha sarvasIya guna traya vibavani
79. Kala ratrir maha ratrir moha ratrish cha daruna Twam shris twam ishwari twam hris twam budir boda laksana
80. Laja pustis tata tustis twam shanti hi kshan tireva cha Kadgini sulini gora gadini chakrini tata
81. Sankini chapini banabusundi parigayuda Somya somyatara shesa somye biyas twati sundari
82. Para paranam parama twameva parameshwari Yacha kimchit kwachi dwastu sada sada sadwa kilat mike
83. Tasiya sarva siya ya shakti sa twam kim stuyase tada Yaya twaya jagat srashta jagat patiyati yo jagate
84. Sopi nidra vasham nita kastwam stotu miheshwara Vishnu sharira grahana maha mi shana eva cha
85. Karitaste yato tastwam ka stotum shaktiman bavet et Sa twam itam prabave swerudare devi samstuta
86. Mohayeto dura darsha vasuro madu kedaboPrabodam cha jagat swami niyatama chiyuto lagu
87. Bodash cha kriya tama siya hantu meto mahasuro
88. Rishi ruvacha:
89. Evam stuta tada devi tamasi tatra vedasa
90. Vishno prabo da nartaya nihantum madu ketaboNetra siya nasika bahu hrudayebiyas tatorasa
91. Nirgamya darshane tasto brahamno viyakta janmana ha utasto ca jagan nato taya mukto janardana ha
92. Ekar nave hishayanat tata sa dadruse cha tomadu kedabo durat mana vati virya para kramo
93. Kroda raktr kshana vantum brahmanam janito diyamo Samutaya tata stabiyam yuyude bagavan hari
94. Pancha varsha sahasrani bahu praharano vibu hoTavap yati balon mato maha maya vimo hito
95. Uk tavanto varo smato vriyatamiti keshavam
96. Sri bagavan uvacha:
97. Baveta madiya me tusto mama vadiya vubavapi
98. Kiman yena varenatra etavadi vrutam mama
99. Rishi ruvacha:
100. Vanchitabiya miti tada sarvam apo mayam jagat
101. Vilo kiya tabiyam gadito bagavan kamale kshana haAvam jahi na yatrorvi salilena pari pluta
102. Rishi ruvacha:
103. Tatet yuk twa bagavata shanka chakra gada brurtaKrutva chakrena vech chine jagane shirasi tayo ho
104. Evamesha samut pana brahmana samstuta swayamPrabava masiya deviya stu buya srunu vadami te
Iti sri markandeya purane savar nike manwatare devi mahat mye madu kedaba mado nama pratamodiyaya madiyama charitam dwitiyo adiyayaha
Chapter 2: Killing of the armies of Mahishasura
Om madiyama charitrasiya visnur rishi hi maha lakshmir devata Us nik chandaha shakam bari shakti hi durga bijam vayus tatwam yajur vedah swarupam sri maha lakshmi priti yar tam madiyama charitra jape viniyogaha
Om aksasrak parashum gadeshu kulisham padmam danu kundikam dandam shaktim atim cha charma jalajam gantam sura baja nam shulam pasha sudar shane cha dadatim haste prasana nanam seve seri ba mardinimiha maha laksmim saroja stitam1. Om hrim rishi ruvacha:
2. Deva sura mabud yudam purnamab dasatam puraMahishe asura namadipe devanam cha purandare
3. Tatra sure maha viri yer deva seniyam para jitamJi twa sakalan devan indro bun mahishasura ha
4. Tata para jita deva padma yonim praja patimPuras krutiya gatas tatra yatresha garuda dwajayo
5. Yata vrutam tayo stadwan mahishasura chestitamTridasha katayam asur devabi bava vista ram
6. Suriye endragniya nilendunam yama siya varuna siya chaAniyesham chadi karan sa swaya meva diti stati
7. Swargan nira kruta sarve tena deva gana buviVicharanti yata martiya mahishena durat mana
8. Eta dwa katitam sarva mama rari viche stitamSharanam va prapana smo vada stasiya vichin tiyatam
9. It tam nishamiya devanam va chamsi madusudana haChakara kopam shambush cha brukuti kuti lanano
10. Tato tikopa purnasiya chakrino vadana tata haNischakrama maha tejo brahmana shanka rasiya chat
11. Anyesham che va devanam shakra dinam shari rata haNirgatam samuha teja tache kiyam samaga cha ta
12. Ativa tejasa kutam jwalan tamiva parvatamDadrususte sura statra jwala viyapta digantaram
13. Atu lam tatra tateja sarva deva shari rajamEkas tam tada buna ri viyapta loka trayam twisha
14. Yada bucham bavam tejas tena ja yata tan mukamYam yena cha bavan kesha bahavo vishnu tejasa
15. So miyena stanyor yugmam madiya chendrena cha bava teVarunena cha jangoru nitamba steja sa buva ha
16. Brahmanas tejasa pado tadangulyor ka tejasaVasunam cha karan guliya kobe rena cha nasika
17. Tasiyastu danta sambuta praja patiye na teja saNayana tritayam jnajne tata pavaka teja sa
18. Bruvo cha sandiyayo steja shravana vanilasiya chaAnyesham cheva devanam sambavas tejasam shiva
19. Tata samasta devanam tejo rasi samud bavamTam vilo kiya mudam prapura mara mahishar dita ha
20. Shulam shulad vinish krushiya dado tasiye pinaka drukChakram cha datavan krushna samut padiya swacha krata ha
21. Shan kam cha varuna shaktim dado tasiye huta shana haMaruto data vamsh chapam bana purne tate sudi
22. Vajram indra samud patiya kulisha damara dipa haTado tasiye sahasra ksho ganta merava tad gajat te
23. Kala danda diyamo dandam pasham chambu patir dadaoPrajapa tish chaksha malam dado brama kaman dalum
24. Samasta roma kupesu nija rashmin diva kara haKalash cha datavan kadgam tasiyash charma cha nir malam
25. Kshiro dash chamalam hara majare cha tatam bare Chuda manim tata diviyam kundale kata kani cha
26. Arda chandram tata shubram keyuran sarva bahu shu Nupuro vimalo tadwad greveya kama nuta mam
27. Angul yaka ratna ni samasta swan gulishu cha Vishwa karma dada-o tasiye parashum chatinir malam
28. Astraniya neka rupani tata bediyam cha dam shana mam lanapankajam malam shira siyurasi chaparam
29. Adada jaladis tasiye panka jam chati sho banamHimavan vahanam simham ratna ni vividani cha
30. Dada vashuniyam suraya pana patram dana dipa haSeshash cha sarva nagesho maha mani vibushitam
31. Naga haram tado tasiye date ya prit vimi mam Anye rapi sure devi busane ayu des tata
32. Samanita nana do che sata hasam muhur muhu haTasiya na dena gorena kruts nama puritam naba ha
33. Amayatati mahata prati sabdo mahana bu teChu ksubu sakala loka samu drash cha cha kambire
34. Chachala vasuha chelu sakalash cha mahi dara ha haJayeti devash cha muda tamu chu simha vahi nim
35. Tustu vur munayash che nam bakti nam ratma murtaya haDrush twa samastam sam ksubdam trilokiya amararaya ha
36. Samnad dakila senyaste samu tastu ruda yuda ha Akimeta diti kroda abasiya mahishasura ha
37. Abiya davata tam sabdam asheser asurer vruta ha Sa dadar sa tato devim viyapta loka trayam twisha
38. Pada krantiya nata buvam kirito likitam baram Kshobita sesha pata lam danur jyani swanena tam
39. Disho buja sahasrena saman tad viyapiya sam stitam Tata prava vrute yudam taya deviya suradwisam
40. Shastras trer bahuda mukter adi pita digan taram Mahishasura senanish chiksura kiyo mahasura ha
41. Yuyude chamarash chanyesh chaturanga balan vita haRata nama yute sadbir udagrakiyo mahasura
42. Ayudiyata yutanam cha sahasrena maha hanu hoPancha shadbish cha niyuter asiloma mahasura ha
43. Ayutanam shate shadber bas kalo yuyude raneGaja vaji sahasro ger aneker pari vari ta ha
44. Vruto ratanam kotiya cha yude tasmi nayu diyata Bida lakiyo yutanam cha pancha shadbi rata yute he
45. Yu yude sam yuge tatra ratanam pari vari ta ha Anye cha tatera yutasho ratan nagahayer vruta ha
46. Yu yudu sam yuge deviya saha tatra mahasura ha Koti koti sahashres tu rata nam danti nam tata
47. Ha yanam cha vrto yude tatra bun mahishasura ha Tomar er bindi palesh cha shakti bir musales tata
48. Yu yudu sam yuge deviya kadge parashu patishe-hi Kechicha chi kshupu shakti kechit pasham stada pare
49. Devim kadga prahar estu te tam hantum pracha kramu hoSapi devi ta tastani shastraya starni chandika
50. Lila yeva prachi cheda nija shastra stravar shani Anaya stanana devi stiyumana sura rishi bi
51. Mumocha sura dehesu sastraniyas trani cheshwari So api krud druhasato deviya vahana keshari
52. Chachara sura seniyeshu vaneshwiva hutashana haNishwasan mumuche yamsh cha yudiya mana rane Ambika
53. Ta eva sadiya sambuta gana shata sahasrasa ha Yuyu duste parshu bir bindi palasi patishe hi
54. Nashayanto esura ganan devi shakti yupa bramhita ha Avada yanta patahan gana shan kam sta tapare
55. Mrudan gamsh cha tate vanye tasmin yuda mahot saveTato devi trishulena gadaya shakti vrush tibi hi
56. Kadga dibish cha shata sho nijaga namahasuran ne Pata yamasa chevaniyan ganta swana vimo hitan ne
57. Asuran buvi pasena ba dwa chanyana karsa yate Kechid dwida krutas tiksne kadgapatesta tapare
58. Vipo titan ipa tena gadiya buvi sherateVemush cha kechid rudiram musalena brusham hata ha
59. Kechini patita bumo bina shulena vaksa asi Niran tara sharo gena kruta kechid rana jire
60. Shiyenanu karina pranan mumu chu trida shardana ha Kesham chid bahavash chinash chinagrivas tata pare
61. Shiram si petura niyesha manye madiye vida ritaVichina jangas twa pare petur urviyam mahasura ha
62. Eka bawa kshi charana kechi diviya dwida kruta haChinepi chanye shirasi patita punaru tita ha
63. Kabanda yuyudur deviya grahita parama yuda ha nanrtush cha pare tatra yude turya layash rita ha
64. Kabandash china shirasa kadga shaktir sti panaya haTista tisteti basanto devi manye mahasura ha65. Patite rata nagashwer asuresh cha vasundaraAgamiya sabavat tatra yatra but sama hara na ha
66. Shoni toga maha nadiya sadiyas tatra prasusruvu ho Madiye chasura seniyasya varanasura vajinam
67. Kshanena tan maha seniyam asuranam ta tambikaNiniye kshayam yata vanis tatruna daru maha chayam
68. Sa cha simho maha nadam ut srujan duta keshara haShari rebiyo emara rina ma suniva vichin vati
69. Deviya ganesh cha tes tatra krutam yudam mahasureYate sam tutu sur deva pushpa vrusti mucho divi
Iti markandeya purane savar nike manwantaredevi mahatmye mahishasura seniya vado nama dwiti yo adiyayaha
Chapter 3: Killing of Mahishasura
Om udiyad banu sahasra kantim Aruna kso mam shiro ma likam Rakta lip ta yo daram Jap vatim vidiyama bitim varam Ha stab jedadatim trinetra Vila sad vaktra ravinda shri yam Devim bad dahi mashu ratna Mukutam vande ravindas titam1. Om rishi ruvacha:
2. Nihan yama nam tat senyam avalokiya mahasura hasena nish chiksura kopa diyayo yod du ma tambikam
3. Sa devim shara varshena va varsha samare sura haYata meru giresh rungam toya varsena toyada ha
4. Tasiyach chi twa tato devi lila yeva sharot karan neJagana turagan baner yan taram che va vajinam
5. Chich cheda cha danu sadiyo dwajam chati samu chritamViviyada cheva gatresu chin nadan vanama suge he
6. Sachin nadana virato hatashwo hata sarati hiAbiyada vata tam devim kadga charma daro sura ha
7. Simha maha tiya kadgena tiksna darena murdaniAjagana buje saviye devi mapiyati vega van ne
8. Tasiya kadgo bujam prapiya papala nrupa nandanaTato jagra ha shulam sa ko padaruna lochana ha
9. Chiksepa cha tatas tatu badra kaliyam mahasura haJa jwaliyam anam tejobi ravi bimba mivam barat te
10. Drustwa tada patach chulam devi shulama mun chata tach chulam shatada tena nitam sa cha mahasura
11. Hate tasmin maha viriye mahisasiya cha mupata oA jaga ma gaja rudash chama rastri dasher dana ha
12. So pi shaktim mumo chata deviyastam ambika drutamHum kara bi hatam bumo pata ya masa nish prabam
13. Bagnam shaktim nipa titam drustwa kroda saman vita haChi kshepa chamara shulam bane stadapi sach chinat te
14. Tata simha samut patiya gaja kumban tares tita haBahu yudena yuyude tenoch chestrida sharina
15. Yud diya mano tata sto tu tasman nagan mahim gata oYuyu date ati sam rabdo praha rerati darune he
16. Tato vegat kamut patiya ni patiya cha mrigarinaKara praha rena shirash chama rasiya pratak krutam
17. U dagrash cha rane deviya shila vraksha dibir hata haDanda musti talesh cheva kara lash cha ni patita ha
18. Devi kruda gada patesh churna yamasa cho datamBas kalam bindi palena bane stam ram ta tan dakam18. Ugrasiyam ugra viriyam cha tateva cha maha hanumTrine tra cha trishulena jaga na parameshwari
20. Bida lasiya sina kayat pata ya masa ve shira haDur daram dur mukam chobo sharer ninye yama kshayam
21. Evam samksi yamane tu swaseniye mahishasura haMahishena swarupena trasa yama satan ganan ne
22. Kamsh chit tunda praharena khuraksepes tata paran neLangu lataditamsh chanyan chrunga biyam cha vidaritan ne23. Vegena kams chida paran nadena bramanena chaNi swasa pava nenaniyan pata yamasa butale
24. Nipatiya pramata nikam abiya davata so sura haSimham hantum maha deviya kopam chakre ta tombika
25. So api kopan maha viriya kurakshanna mahi tala haShrun gabiyam parvata nu chamsh chikshepa cha nanada cha
26. Vega bramana viksuna mahi tasiya viyashiriya taLangulena hatash chabdi plava yamasa sarvata ha
27. Duta shrunga vibinash cha kandam kandam yayur gana haShwa sa nilasta shatasho nipetur nabaso chala ha
28. Iti kroda samad mata mapa tan tam mahasuramDrustwa sa chandika kopam tadwa daya tada karot te
29. Sa ksiptwa tasiya vepa sham tam babanda mahasuramTatiyaja mahisham rupam so pi bado maha mrude
30. Tata simho bavat sadiyo yavat tasiymbika shira haChin nati tavat purusha kadga panira dursh yata
31. Tata evashu purusham devi chi cheda saya ke hiTam kadga charmana sardam tata so bun maha gaja ha
32. Karena cha maha simham tam chakarsa jagar ja chaKarsa tastu karam devi kadgena nira krun tata
33. Tato mahasuro buyo mahisam va puras tita haTateva kshoba ya masa trelokiyam sachara charam
34. Tata kruda jagan mata chandika pana mutamamPapo puna punash che va jahasa runa lochana
35. Nanar da chasura so pi bala viriya madod data haVishana biyam cha chiksepa chandikam prati budaran ne
36. Sa cha tan prahitam stena churna yanti sharot kare hiUvacha tam madod duta mukara gaku lak sharam
37. Deviyuvacha:
38. Garja garja kshanam muda madu yavat piba miyahamMaya twayi hat treva garjisiyan tiyashu devata
39. Rishi ruvacha:
40. Evamuk twa samut patiya sa ruda tam mahasuramPadena kramiya kante cha shule nena mata dayat
41. Tata so pi pada krantas taya nija mukta tata haArdanish kranta evasid deviya vi riyena sam viryata
42. Ardanish kranta evaso yudiya mano mahasura haTaya mahasina deviya shirash chi twa nipa tita ha
43. Tato haha krutam sarvam detiya senyam nanasha ta tePrahar sham cha param jagmu sakala devata gana ha
44. Tustu vustam sura devim saha diviyer maha rishi biJagur gandarva patayo nanrutush chap saro gana ha
Itishri markandeya purane savarnike manwantaredevi mahat miye mahishasura vado nama tritiyo adiyaya
Chapter 4: The prayer of Sakradi[2] devatasDIYANAM
Om kalabra bam kata ksera rikula bayadam molibad dendure kam Shankam chakram krupanam trishika mapi kare rudwa hantim trine tram simhas kandadi rudam tribuvannam akilam tejasa pura yantim Dhyayed durgam jaya kiyam tidasha parivrtam sevitam sidi kame hi
1. Om rishi ruvacha:
2. Shakra daya suragana nihate ativiryeTasmin duratmani surari bale cha deviyaTam tustu vu pranati namra shiro daramsaVagbi praharsha pula kodgama charu deha
3. Deviya yaya tatam idam jagadat ma shaktiyaNish shesha deva gana shakti samuha murtiyaTam ambikam akila deva maharshi pujiyamBaktiya nata smavida datu shubani sa na ha
4. Yasiya prabavam atulam bagavan ananta haBrahma harash cha na hi vak tumalam balam chaSa chandika akila jagat pari palana yaNashaya chashuba bayasiya matim karotu
5. Ya shri swayam sukrutinam bava neshwa laksmi hiPapatmanam kruta diyam hruda yeshu budi hiShrada satam kula jana prahavasya laj jaTam twam nata sma pari palaya devi vishwam
6. Kim varna yama tava rupam achintiyam etate Kim chati viriyam asura kshaya kari buriKim chaha veshu charitani tavad butani Sarveshu deviyasura deva ganadi keshu
7. Hetu samasta jagatam trigunapi dosher hiNa gnaya se hari hara dibi rapiya paraSarva shraya kilam idam jagadam sa butamAviya kruta hi parama prakrutis twam adiya
8. Yasiya samasta surata samudira nenaTruptim prayati saka leshu makesu deviSwahasi ve pitru ganasiya cha trupti heturUch charyase twamata eva jane swada cha
9. Ya mukti hetu ravi chintiya maha vrata twamAbiyasiya se suniya ten driya tatwa sare heMokshar tibir muni bi rasta samasta doser heVidiyasi sa bagavati parama hi devi
10. Shabat mika suvi malar giya jusam nidanamUd gita ramiya pada pata vatam cha samnamDevi trayi bagavati bava bava nayaVarta cha sarva jagatam para marti hantri
11. Medasi devi vidita kila shastra saraDurgasi durga bava sagara nora sangaShri keta bari hrudaye kakruta divasaGori twameva shasi moli kruta pratista
12. Isat sahasama malam pari purna chandraBibanu kari prahrutama kanthi kantamAtiyad butam pra rutam ata rusa tata piVaktram vilokiya sahasa mahisha surena
13. Drustwa tu devi ku pitam brukuti kara lamUdiyach cha shanka sadrshch chavi yana sadiya haPranan mumocha mahishas tada tiva chitramKer jiviyate hi ku pitan taka darshanena
14. Devi prasida para ma bavati bavayaSadiyo vinasha yasi kopa vati kula niVi gnatam eta dadu neva yada sta metan teNitam balam suvi pulam mahishasura siya
15. Te sam mata jana padeshu danani teshamTesham yasham si na cha sidati darma vargaDan yasta eva ni brudat maja brtiya daraYesham sada biyuda yada bavati prasana
16. Darm yani devi saka lani sadeva karmaniYatiya druta pratidinam sukruti karotiSwargam prayati cha tato bavati prasadal teLoka traye api palada nanu devi tena
17. Durge smruta harasi biti ma shesa janto hoSwaste smruta mati mativa shuba dada siDaridriya duka baya harini ka twa daniyaSarvo pa kara kara naya sadar dra chita
18. Ebir hater jagad upeti sukam tate teKurvantu nama nara kaya chiraya papamSam grama mrutiyum adi gamiya divam prayantuMatweti nuna mahitan vini hamsi devi
19. Dushteva kim bavati praka roti basmaSarva surana risu yat prahinosi shastramLokan prayantu ripavo api hi shastra putaItam matir bavati te swapi tetis sadwi
20. Kadga praban ikara vis puranes tatogreShulagra kanti niva hena drusho asu ranamYan nagata vilaya mamshumad indu kandaYogiyananam tava viloka yatam tad etat
21. Dur vruta vruta shamanam tava devi shilamRupam tate tada vi chintiyam atulya manye heViriyam cha hantru hruta deva para kramanamVerishwapi prakati teva daya twaye tam
22. Kenopama bavatu tesiya parakramasiyaRupam cha shatru baya karya ti hari kutraChit te krupa samara nishturata cha drushstaTwa yeva devi varade buvana traye pi
23. Trelokiyam etad akilam ripu nashanenaTratam twaya samara murdani te api hatwanNita divam ripu gana bayam apiya pastamAsma kamun mada surari bavam namaste
24. Shule napa hi no devi pahi kadgena chambikeGanta swanena na pahi chapa jiyani swanena cha
25. Prachiyam raksha pratichiyam cha chandike raksha dakshineBramanena atma shu lasiya utarasiyam tate shwari
26. Som yani yani rupani trelokiye vicha ranti teYani chatiyarta gorani te rakshas mams tata buvam
27. Kadga shula gada dini yani chastrani tembikeKara pala va sangini te rasman raksha sarvata ha
28. Rishi ruvacha:
29. Evam stuta surer diviye kushumer nandanod bave heArchita jagatam datri tata ganda nulepane he
30. Bakta samastes tridashe diviye dupestu dupitaPraha prasada sumuki samastan pranatan suran ne
31. Deviyuvacha:
32. Vriyatam tridasha sarve yada smato bi vanchitam
33. Deva uchuso:
34. Bagavatiya krutam sarvam na kinchid ava shisiyate
35. Yadayam nihata shatrur asmakam mahishasura haYadi chapi varo deyas twaya smakam maheshwari
36. Sam smruta sam smruta twam no him seta parama pada Yash cha martiya stave rebi twam stosiya tiya malanane
37. Tasiya vit taridi vibaver dana da radi sampa damVrudaye asmat prasana twam baveta sarvada ambike
38. Rishi ruvacha:
39. Iti prasatida dever jagator ate tatat manaTatet yuktwa badrakali babu vantar hita nrupa
40. Iti yetat katitam bupa sambuta sa yata puradevi deva shari rebiyo jagat traya hite sini
41. Punash cha gori de hatsa samud buta yata bavat teVadaya dusta detiyanam tada shumba nishumbayo ho42. Raksha naya cha lokanam devanam upa kariniTach chru nushwa maya kiyatam yata vatka tayami te
hrim om

Iti markandeya purane savarnike manwantare devi mahatmye shakradi stutir nama chaturto adiyayahaChapter 5: The argument between devi and the emissary
Om asiya shri ut tara charitrasiya rudra rishi hi maha saraswati devata anustup chanda ha bima shakti hi bramari bijam surya tatwam sama veda swarupam maha saraswati prit yarte ut tara charitra pate viniyoga ha
Om ganta shula halani shanka musale chakram danu sayakam hastab je dadatim gananta vilas sach chitam shutuliya prabam
Gori deha samud bavam tri jagatam adara butam maha purva matra saraswatim anubaje shumbadi detiyar denim
1. Om klim rishi ruvacha:-
2. Pura shumba nishumbamiyam asurabiyam sachi pate heTrelokiyam yagna bagashcha hruta mada bala shrayat te
3. Taveva suryatam tadwad adikaram taten davamKobera mata yam yam cha chakrate varunasiya cha
6. Taveva pavanar dim cha chakratur vani karma chaTato deva vinir duta brasta rajiya para jita ha
5. Hrutadi kara stridashas tabiyam sarve nirakruta haMaha asurabiyam tam devim sam smarantiya apara jitam
6. Taya smakam varo dato yata patsu smruta kila haBavatam nashayishi yami tat ksanat parama pada ha7. Iti krutwa matim deva hima vantam nageshwaramJag mustatra tato devim vishnu mayam pratush tuvu hu
8. Deva Ouchu:-
9. Namo deviye maha deviye shivaye satatam namaNama prakrutyer bhadrayer niyata pranata sma tam
10. Rodraye namo nitiyaye gorye datriye namo namahaJiyotsnaye chendu rupinye sukaye satatam nama
11. Kaliyanye pranata vrudye sidiye kurmo namo namahaNerutiye bubrutam lakshmiye sarvanye te namo namaha
12. Durgaye durga paraye sharaye sarva karinyeKiyatiye tateva krushnaye dumraye satatam namaha
13. Ati som yati rodraye natastasiye namo namahaNamo jagat pratis taye deviye krutiye namo namaha
14. Ya devi sarva buteshu vishnu mayeti shab ditaNamastasiye namo namaha 15. Namastasiye namo namaha 16. Namastasiye namo namaha
17. Ya devi Sarva buteshu chetanetiyabi diyate Namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
20. Ya devi Sarva buteshu budi rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
23. Ya devi Sarva buteshu nidra rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
26. Ya devi Sarva buteshu ksuda rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
29. Ya devi Sarva buteshu chaya rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
32. Ya devi Sarva buteshu shakti rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
35. Ya devi Sarva buteshu trushna rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
38. Ya devi sarva buteshu ksanti rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
41. Ya devi sarva buteshu jati rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
44. Ya devi sarva buteshu laja rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
47. Ya devi sarva buteshu shanti rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
50. Ya devi sarva buteshu shrada rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
53. Ya devi sarva buteshu kanti rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
56. Ya devi sarva buteshu lakshmi rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo
59. Ya devi sarva buteshu vriti rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
62. Ya devi sarva buteshu smriti rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
65. Ya devi sarva buteshu daya rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
68. Ya devi sarva buteshu tusti rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
71. Ya devi sarva buteshu matra rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
74. Ya devi sarva buteshu branti rupena samstitaNamastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha namastasiye namo namaha
77. Indriyanama adishtatri butanam cha kileshu yaButeshu satatam tasiye viyapte deviye namo namaha
78. Chiti rpena ya krutsnametad viyapiyai stita jagatNamastasiye namo namaha 79. Namastasiye namo namaha 80. Namastasiye namo namaha
81. Stuta sure purva mabishta samshrayaTata surendrena dinesu sevitaKarotu sa na shuba hetur ishwariShubani badrani yabi hantu cha pada ha82. Ya sampradam chodata detiya tapiter hiasmabi risa cha surair nama siyateYa cha smruta tat ksana meva hanti na haSarva pado bakti vinamra murti bi hi
83. Rishi ruvacha:
84. Evam stavadi yuktanam devanam tatra parvatiSnatu mabiyayo toye janaviya nrupa nandana
85. Sabravitan suran subrur bavad bi stuyate atra kaSharira kosha tash chasiya samud buta bravich chiva
86. Stotram mametad kriyate shumba detiya nira kruter hiDeve sameter samare nishumbena para jite hi
87. Sharira kosha diyat tasiya parvatiya nis sruta ambikaKoshit kiti samasteshu tato lokeshu giyate
88. Tasiyam vinirgatayam tu krushna butsa pi paravatiKali keti sama kiyata himachala kruta shraya
89. Tatombika param rupam bibranam sumano haramDa darsha chando mundash cha brutiyo shumba nishumbayo ho
90. Tabiyam shumbaya chaki yata ativa sumano haraKapiyaste stri maha raji basa yanti Himachalam
91. Neva tadruk kwacha drupam drustam kena chidut tamamJnayatam kapiyasho devi gru hiyatam cha sureshwara
92. Stri ratna mati charvangi diyota yanti dishas twisaSa tu tistati detiyendra tam bavan drashtu mar hati
93. Yani ratnani manayo gaja ashwa dini ve praboTrelokiya tu sama stani sam pratam banti te gruhe
94. Eravata samane/to gaja ratnam purandaratParijata tarush chayam tate voch che shrava haya ha
95. Vimanam hamsa sam yuktam eta tistati ten ganeRatna buta miha nitam yadasid vedaso ad butam
96. Nidi resa maha padma sama nito dane shwarat teKinjal kinim dado chab dir malamam lana pankajam
97. Chatram te varunam gehe kan chana shravi tistatiTata yam siyan dana varo ya pura sit praja pate he
98. Mrutiyo rulkrantida nama shaktirisha twaya hrutaPasha salila rajasiya bratu stava parigrahe
99. Nishumbasiya abdi jatash cha samasta ratna jataya haVanirapi dado tubiyam agni shoche cha vasasi
100. Evam detiyendra ratnani samastan ya hrut tani teStri ratna mesa kaliyani twaya kasman na gru hiyate
101. Rishi ruvacha:102. Nisham yeti vacha shumba sa tada chanda mundayo hoPreshayamasa sugrivam dutam deviya mahasuram
103. Iti cheti cha vaktaviya sa gatwa vach/an mamaYata chabiyeti sampritya tata kariyam twaya lagu
104. Sa tatra gatwa yatraste shelod deshe ati shobaneSa devi tam tata praha shlaksnam maduraya gira
105. Duta Uvacha:
106. Devi detiyeshwara shumba trelokiye parameshwara haDuto ham presita stena twat sakasha miha gata ha
107. Aviyahat agna sarvasu ya sada deva yonisuNir jita akila detiyari sa yadaha srunushwa tat te
108. Mama trilokiyam akilam mama deva vasha nuga haYagna baga naham sarva nupash nami prutak prutaker
109. Trelo kiye vara ratna ni mama vasiyan yashesa hatTat eva gaja ratnam cha hrutwa devendra vahanam
110. Kshiro da matanod butam aswa ratnam mama mare heUch che shrava sasam gnam tat prani patiya samar pitam
111. Yani chanyani devesu gandarv esu ragesu chaRatna butani tani may yeva shobane
112. Stri ratna butam twam devi loke manya amahe vayamSa twam asma anupaga cha yato ratna bujo vayam
113. Mam va mamanujam vapi nishumbamuru vikramamBaja twam chanchala pangi ratna butasi ve yata ha
114. Parameshwari yama tulam prapisyase mat parigrahat teEtad budiya samalo chiya mat pari graham tam vraja
115. Rishi ruvacha:
116. Iti yuk ta sa devi gambiran tasmi ta jaga oDurga bagavati badra yayedam daryahe jagat te
117. Devyuvacha:
118. Satiya muktam twaya natra mitiya kinchit twa yoditamTrelokiya adipati shumbo nisumbash chapi tadrusa ha
119. Kim twatra yat prati gnatam mitiya tat kriyate katamSruyatam alpa budi twat prati gna ya kruha pura
120. Yo mam jaya tisam grame yo me darpam viyapo hatiYo me prati balo loke sa me barta bavi shiyati
121. Tada gach chatu shumbo tra nishumbo va mahasura hamam jitwa kim chire natra panim gru natu me lagu
122. Duta Uvacha:
123. Ava lip tasim evam twam devi bruhi mamagra tahaTrelokiye ka pumam stiste dagre shumba ishumbayo ho
124. Anyesa mapi detiyanam sarve deva nave yudiTistanti sam muke devi kim puna stri twam ekika
125. Indradiya sakala devas tastur yesam na sam yugeShumbadinam katam tesham stri praya shiyasi sam mukam
126. Sa twam gach cha maye vokta parashwam shumbha nishumbayo hoKesha akarsana nirduta gorava ma gami shiyasi
127. Devyuvacha:
128. Eva metad bali shumbho nishumbash chati viriyavaneKim karomi pratigna me yadanalo chita pura
129. Sa twam gach cha miyoktam yade tat sarva madruta haTada chakshwa asurendraya sa cha yuktam karotu yat te
Iti shri markandeya purane savarnike manwantaredevi mahatmye devi duta samvado nama panchamo adiyaya
Chapter 6: The killing of Dumra lochana
Om nagadishwara vistaram pani panot tamso ru ratna vali Baswad de halatam diva kara niba netra trayod basitam
Mala kumbaka pala niraja karam chandra ruda chudam param sarva gneshwara beravan kani layam padma vatim chintaye1. Om rishi ruvacha:
2. Iti ya karniya vacho deviya sa duto amarsa purita haSama chashta sama gamiya detiya rajaya vistarat te
3. Tasyia dutasiya tadwa kiyam akarniya surarat tata haSakroda pra/ha detiyanam adipam dumra lochanam
4. He dumra lochanashu twam swaseniya parivarita haTamanaya balad dustam keshakarsana vi walam
5. Tat paritranada kashchi diyadi votistate para haSa hantaviyo amaro vapi yakso gandarva eva va
6. Rishi ruvacha:
7. Tena gnapta stata shigram sa detiyo dumra lochana haSa vruta sastiya sahasranam asuranam drutam yayao
8. Sa drustwa tam tato devim tu hina chala samstitamJagadoch che prayaniti mulam shumba nishumbayo ho
9. Na chet prit yadiya bavati mad bartaram upeshiyatiTato balan nayam yesa kasha karshana vi walam
10. Deviyuvacha:
11. Detiyeshwarena prahiho balavan bala samvrata haBalan na yasi mamevam tata kim te karamiyaham
12. Rishi ruvacha:
13. Iti yukta so abiyada vatam asuro dumra lochana haHum kareneva tam basma sa chakarambika tat ha
14. Ata krudam maha senya masuranam tatambikaVavarsa sayake stisksne tata shakti parashwade hi
15. Tato duta sata kopat krutwa nadam sube ravamPapatasura senayam simho deviya swavahana ha
16. Kamsh chit kara praharena detiya nasiyena chaparan neAkramiya chadare naniyan jagana /cha maha suran ne
17. Kesham chit pata yamasa nake koshtani kesariTata tala praha rena shiram si krutavan prutak e
18. Vichin na bahu shirasa krutastena tata parePapo cha rudiram kosta danyesham duta keshara ha
19. Ksane natad balam sarvam ksayam nitam mahat manaTena kesharina deviya vaha nenati kopina
20. Shrutwa tama suram deviya niha tam dumralochanamBalam cha ksayitam krutsnam devi kehsarina tata ha
21. Chukopa detiyadipati shumba pras puritadara haAgna paya masa cha to chanda mundo maha surao
22. He chanda he munda baler bahubi pari varitaoTatra gach chata gatwa cha sa samaniya tam lagu
23. Kesheshwa krushiya bada va yadi va samshayo yudiTada shesa yude sarver asurer vinahan yatam
24. Tasiyam hata yam dusta yam simhe cha vini pahiteShigrama gamiyatam badwa grahi twa tama tambikam
Iti markandeya purane savarnike manwantare devi mahatmyedumralochana vado namaSasto adiyaya
Chapter 7: Killing of Chanda and Munda
Om diya yeyam ratna pite shukala patitam shruvatim shiyama langim niyaste kangrim saroje shasi shakala daram val la kim vada yantim
Kalara bad damalam niya mita vila sach choli kam rakta vastram matagim shanka patram madura madu madam chitra kodba siba lam
1. Om rishi ruvacha:
2. Agnap taste tato detiyash chanda munda puro gama haChaturanga balo peta yayura biyudiyata yuda ha
3. Dadrushuste tato devi mi sad dasam viyava stitamSimha siyopari selendra shrunge mahati kanchane
4. Te drustwa tam sama datu mudiyamam cha kuru diyuta haAkrusta chapasi daras tadanye tat sami paga ha
5. Tata kopam chakarocher ambika tanarin pratiKopena chasiya vadanam masivar nama butada
6. Brukuti kutila tasiya lalata palakad drutamKali karala vadana viniskran tasi pashini
7. Vichitra katwan gadara nara mala vibusanaDwipi charma paridana shuskamam sati berava
8. Ati vistara vadana jiwa lalana bisanaNima gna rakta nayana nada purita din muka
9. Sa vegena bi patita gatayanti mahasuran neSenye tatra sura rinam abayaksa yata tad balam
10. Parsni graham kusha grahi yoda ganta saman vitan neSama dayeka hastena muke chiksepa varanan ne
11. Tat eva yodam turage ratam saratina saha haNiksipiya vaktre dashanesh charvan yantiyati beravam
12. Ekam jagraha keshesu grivaya mata chap aramPadena kramiya chevaniyam urasaniyama potayat te
13. Ter muktani cha shastrani maha strani tata asure hiMukena jagra haru sa dashaner matitan yapi
14. Balinam tad balam sarvam asuranam durat manamMamarda abaksayach chanyan anyamsh chata dayat t ata
15. Asina nihata kechit kechit ka dwanga tadita haJagmur vinasham asura danta grabi hata stata
16. Ksanena tad balam sarvam asuranam nipa titamDrustwa chando abidu drava tam kali mati bisanam
17. Shara vare maha bimer bimaksim tam maha sura haChadaya masa chakresh cha munda kshipte sahasrasha ha
18. Tani chakan yanekani vishama anani tan mukamBabu riyatarka bimbani suba huni gano daram
19. Tato jaha satirusa bimam berava nadiniKali karala vaktrantar durdarsha dashano jwala
20. Ut taya cha maha simham devi chanda mada vataGrahi twa chasiya keshesu shira sten asinachinat te
21. Ada mundo abiyadavatam drustwa chandam nipa titamTam apiya patayad bumo sa kadga bihatam rusa
22. Hata shesam tata senyam drustwa chandam nipa titamMundam cha sumaha viriyam disho beje bayaturam
23. Shirash chandasiya kali cha grahi twa mundameva chaPraha prachan data hasa mish rama biyetiya chandikam
24. Maya tava tropa hruto chanda mundo maha pasuYuda yagne swayam shumbam nishumbam cha hanisiyasi
25. Rishi ruvacha:
26. Tava nito tato drustwa chanda mundo mahasuroUvacha kalim kaliyani lalitam chandika vacha ha
27. Yasmach chandam cha mundam cha grahi twa twam upagataChamundeti tato loke kiyata devi bavisiyasi
Iti markandeya purane savarnike manwantare devi mahatmye chanda munda vado nama saptamo adiyaya
Chapter 8: Killing of Rakta Bija
Om arunam karuna taran gita ksim druta pashaan kusha bana chapa hastam
Animidibira vritam mayuker ahamiti yeva vibavaye bavanim
1. Om rishi ruvacha:
2. Chande cha nihate detiye munde cha vini pati teBahulesu cha senyesu ksayiteswa sureshwara ha
3. Tata kopa para dina cheta shumba prata pavan neUdiyogam sarva se niyanam detiyanam adi desha ha
4. Adiya sarva baler detiya sadashitir udayuda haKambunam chatura shitir niriyantu swabaler vrta ha
5. Koti viriyani panchasad asuranam kulani veShatam kulani dom ranam nirga chantu mama gnaya
6. Kalaka doru ruda moriya kalakeyas tata sura haYu daya saja niryan tu agnaya twarita mama
7. Iti yagna piya sura pati shumbo berava shasana haNirjagama maha senya saharer bahubir vruta ha
8. A yantam chandika drustwa tat senyam ati bisanamJiyaswane purayamasa darani gaganan taram
9. Tata simho maha nadam ativa krutavan nirupaGanta swanena tan nadam ambika chopabiyam hayat te
10. Danur jiya simha gantanam nada purita din mukaNinader bisaner lali jigye vista ritan ana/
11. Tan ninadam upasrutiya detiya senyesh chatur dishamDevi sim hasta da kali sarosher pariva rita ha
12. Eta sminnantare bupa vinashaya suradwisamBava yamara sim hanam ati viriya balan vita ha
13. Bramesha guha vishnunam ta tendrasiya shaktaya haSharirer biyo viniskramya tadrupersh chandikam yayu hu
14. Yasiya devasiya yadrupam yata busana vahanamTadwa deva hita chaktir asuran yod duma yayao
15. Hamsa yukta vima nagre shaksa sutra kaman dalu huA yata bramana shaktir bramani sabidiyate
16. Maheswari vrusha ruda trishula vara dari niMaha hivalaya prapta chandra reka vibusana
17. Komari shakti hasta cha mayura vara vaha naYod dumabiyayayo detiyanam ambika guha rupini
18. Tateva veshnavi shaktir garudo pari sam stitaShanka chakra gada sharnga kadga hasta biyupa yayao
19. Yagna vara hama tulam rupam ya bibrato hare heShakti sapiya yayao tatra varahim bibrati tanum
20. Narasimhi nrusimhasiya bibrati sadrusham vapu huPrapta tatra sata ksepa ksipta naksatra samhati hi
21. Vajra hasta tate vendri gaja rajo pari stitaPrapta sahasra nayana yata shakras tateva sa
22. Tata pari vrutas ta biri shano deva shakti bi hiHanyantam asura shigram mama pritiya ha chandikam
23. Tato deva shari ratu vinis kran tati bisanaChandika shaktir atiyugra shiva shata nina dini
24. Sa chaha dumra jatilam ishanam apara jitaDuta twam gach cha bagavan parashwam shumha nishumbayo ho
25. Bruhi shumbam nishum bamcha dana vava tigarv itaoYe chanye danavas tatra yudaya samupa stita ha
26. Trelokiyam indro labatam deva santu havir buja haYu yam praya tapata lam yadi jivitu mich chata
27. Bala vale padata ched bavanto yuda kankshina haTada gachata trupiyantu machiva pishitena va ha
28. Yato niyukto dotiyena taya deviya shiva swayamShiva duti iti loke asmims tata sa kiyati magata
29. Te api shrutva vacho deviya sarva kiyatam mahasura haA marsa purita jagmur yatra katiyayani stita
30. Tata prata mam evagre shara shaktiyrasti vrustibi hiVavarsurud data marshas tam devi mama raraya ha
31. Sa cha tan prahitan banan chula shakti parashwadan neChi che dali layad mata danur muker mahesh ubi hi
32. Tasiya grastas tata kali shulapada vitaritan neKatwanga potitamsh charin kurvati viyacharat tada
33. Kaman dalu jalakshepa hata viriyan hato jasa haBramani chakaroch chatrun yena yena sma davati
34. Maheshwari trishulena tata chakrena veshnaviDetiyan jagana komari tata shaktiyati kopa na
35. A endri kulisha patena shatasho detiya danava haPetur vida rita privitviyam rudi rogapracar sina ha
36. Tunda prahara vidwasta damsta grakshata vaksasa haVaraha murtiya niyapatamsh chakrena cha vida rita ha
37. Naker vidaritamsh chanyan baksa yanti mahasuran neNarasimhi chacha rajo nada purnita digambara
38. Chan datta haser asuraha/ shiva dutiyabi dushita haPertu priti viyam patitams tamsh chaka data sa tada
39. Iti matru ganam krudam marda yantam mahasuran neDrustwa biyupayer vivi der neshur deva rise nika ha/
40. Palayana paran drustwa detiyan matru ganar ditan neYod dumabiya yayo krudo rakta bijo mahasura ha
41. Rakta bindur yada bumo patatiyasiya shari rata haSamut patati medinyam tat pramanas tasura ha
42. Yu yude cha gada panir indra shaktiya mahasuraTatash chendri swava jrena rakta bijam ata dayat te
43. Kulishena hata siyashu bahu susrava shonitamSamu tastus tato yodas tadrupa stat para karma ha
44. Ya vanta pati tastasiya sharirad rakta bindava haTavanta purusha jatas tad viriya bala vi krama ha
45. Te chapi yuyudus tatra purusha rakta san bava ha Samam matru bir atiyugra shasta patati bisanam
46. Punash cha vajra patena kshata masiya shiro yadaVava ha raktam purushas tato jata sahasrasha ha
47. Veshnavi samare chenam chakre nabi jagana haGada ya tada yamasa a endri tama sureshwaram
48. Veshnavi chakra bin nasiya rudira shrava sambave heSaharasho jaga dwiyaptam tat pramaner mahasure he
49. Shaktiya jagana komari varahi tata sinaMaheshwari trishulena rakta bijam maha suram
50. Sa chapi gadaya detiya sarva eva hanat prutak teMatru kopa sama visto rakta bijo maha sura ha
51. Tasiya hatasiya bahuda shakti shula dibir buviPapata yo ve rakto gastenasan chatasho asura ha
52. Tesh chasura sruk sambuter asure sakalam jagat teViyaptam asiy tato deva baya majag murut tamam
53. Tan visan nan suran drustwa chandika praha satwaraUvacha kalim chamunde vistirnam vadanam kuru hu
54. Mach chatrapa tasam butan rakta bindun mahasuran neRakta bindo pratich cha twan vaktre nanena vegina
55. Baksha yanti chara rane tadut panan mahasuran neEvam esa ksayam detiya ksina rakto gamisiyati
56. Baksiya manas twaya chogra na chot patsiyanti chapareIti yuktwa tam tato devi shule nabi jagana tam
57. Mukena kali jagruhe rakta bija siya shonitamTato asava jaga nata gadaya tatra chandi kam
58. Na chasiya vedanam chakre gada pato alpika mapiTasiya hatasiya dehatu bahu sus rava shoni tam
59. Yatas tatas tad vaktrena chamundo sam prati chatiMuke samud gata yesiya rakta patan mahasura ha
60. Tamsh chakadata chamunda papo tasiya cha shoni tam Devi shulena vajrena banera sibir ristbi hi
61. Jagana rakta bijam tam chamunda pita shoni tam Sa papata mahi pruste shastra sanga samahat ha
62. Ni rak tash cha mahipala rakta bijo mahasura Tataste harsa matulam ava pustri dasha nirupa
63. Tesham matru gano jato nanar tas run yamadod data ha
Iti shri markandeya purane savarnike manwantare devi mahatmye rakta bija vado nama ash tamo adiyaya
Chapter 9: Killing of Nishumba
Om bandu kakan chana nibam ruche raksa malam pashan kusho ca varadam nija bahu dande
Bibrana mindu shakala baram trinetram ardambike shama nisham va purashra yami
1. Om rajo uvacha:
2. Vichitra midamakiyatam bagavan bawata mamaDeviyash charita mahat miyam rakta bija vada shritam
3. Buyash chech chamyaham shrotum rakta bije ni pati teChakara shumbo yat karma nishumbash chati kopana
4. Rishi ruvacha:
5. Chakara kopam atulam rakha bije ni pati teShumbasuro nishumbash cha hate swanyesu chahave
6. Hanya manam maha seniyam vilokiya marsha mudwahanAbiyada van nishumbo ata mukiyaya asura senaya
7. Tasiya gratas tata pruste parshwa yosh cha mahasurahaSamdastosta puta kruda hantum devi mupa yayu hu
8. Aja gama maha viriya shumbo api swabaler vruta haNihantum chandikam kopat krutwa yudam matrubi hi
9. Tato yuda mati vasi deviya shumba nishumbayo hoSharvarsa mati vogram mega yoriva varsato ho
10. Chich chedastan charam stabiyam chandika swasharot kare teTada yamasa changesu shastroger asureshwaro
11. Nishumbo nishitam kadgam charma chadaya suprabamAta dayan murdini simham deviya vahana mutamam
12. Tadite vahane devi ksura prena simut tamamNishumbasiyashu chich cheda charma chapiyasta chandrakam
13. Chin ne charmani kadge cha shaktim chiksepa so asura haTam apiyasiya dwida chakre chakrena bimuka gatam
14. Kopad mato nishumbo ata shulam jagraha danava haAyantam musti patena devi tacha piya churnayat ha
15. Avidiyata gadam so api chiksepa chandikam pratiSapi deviya trishulena bin na basma twama gata
16. Tata parashu hastam tama yantam detiya pungavamAhatiya devi banoger apatayata butale ha
17. Tsmin ni patite bumo nishumbe bima vikrame Bratara yativa sam kruda prayayo hantum ambikam
18. Sa ratasta tatat yuch cher gruhita parama yude haBujer astabir atulyer viyapiya shesam babo naba ha
19. Tam ayantam sama lokiya devi shankam avadiyat haJiyasab dam chapi danusash chakarativa du saham
20. Purayamasa kakubo nija ganta swanena cha haSamasta detiya senyanam tejo vada vida yina
21. Tata simho maha nades tiya jiteba maha made haPurayamasa gaganam gam tateva disho dasha
22. Tata kali samut patiya gaganam ksma mata dayat haKarabiyam tan ni nadena prak swanaste tiro hitaha
23. At tata hasama shivam shiva duti chakara haTe shabder asurastresu shumba kopam param yayao
24. Durat mam stista tisteti viyaja hara ambika yadaTada jayetiya bihitam dever akasha sam stite ha
25. Shumbena gatiya ya shaktir mukta jwalati bisana haayanti vani kutaba sa nirasta mahol kaya
26. Simha nadena shumbasiya viyaptam lokatra yantaramNirgatani swano goro jita vana vanipate
27. Shumba muktan charan devi shumbastat prahitan charan haChich cheda swasharer ugre shatasho ta sahasrasha ha
28. Tata sa chandika krudha shulena jagana tamSa tada bi hato bumo murch chito nipa pata ha
29. Tato nishumba samprapiya chetana mata karmukaAja gana sharer devim kalim kesarinam tata
30. Punash cha krutwa bahunam ayutam danujeshwaraChakra yudena ditijash chada yamasa chandikam
31. Tato Bagavati kruda durga durgarti nasiniChich cheda tani chakrani swashare sayakamsh cha tan ne
32. Tato nishumbo vegena gada madaya chandikamAbiyadavata ve hantum detiya sena samavruta ha
33. Tasiya patata evashu gadam chich cheda chandikaKadgena shita darena sa cha shulam sama dade
34. Shula hastam sama yantam nishumba mamarardanamHrudi viviyada shulena vega videna chandika
35. Bin nasiya tasiya shulena hrudaya nisruto apara haMaha balo maha viriyas tisteti puruso vadan ne
36. Tasiya niskramato devi prahasiya swanavat tata haShirash chich cheda kadgena tato sava patad buvi
37. Tasiya simhash chakadogram damstra ksuna shiro daran neAsuram stam stata kali shiva duti tata paran ne
38. Komari shakti nirbin na kechin neshur maha sura haBramani mantra putena toyena aniye nirakruta ha
39. Maheswari trishulena bina petur stada apareVarahi tunda gatena kechich churni kruta buvi
40. Kandam kandam cha chakrena veshnaviya danava kruta haVajrena chendre hasta gra vimuktena tata apare
41. Kechid vineshurasura kechin nasta maha havat haBaksitash chapare kali shiva duti mru gadipe ha
Iti markandeya purane savarnike manwantare devi mahatmiye nishumba vado nama navamo adiyaya haChapter 10: Killing of Shumba
Om ut tapta hema ruchiram ravi chandra vani ne tram danush shara yutan kusha pasha shulam
Ramyer bujash cha dadatim shiva shakti rupam kameshwarim hrudi bajami druten dule kam
1. Om Rishi ruvacha:
2. Nishumbam nihatam drustwa brataram pranasam mitamHanyamanam balancheva shumba kruda abravidvacha/
3. Balavale pa duste twam ma durge garvamavahaAnyasam balamasritiya yudyase yati manani
4. Deviyuvacha:
5. Ekevaham jagatiyatra dwitiya ka mama param Pasiyeta dusta mayyeva vishantiyo madvibutaya/
6. Tata samastasta deviyo bramani pramukhalayamTasiya deviyastano jagmur ekevasi tad Ambika
7. Devi uvacha:
8. Aham vibutiya bahubhiriha ruper yatastadaTat samhrutam maye keva tistam yajo stiro bava
9. Rishi ruvacha:
10. Tata pravavrute yudam deviya shumbasiya chobayo/Pasiyatam sarva devanam asuranam cha darunam
11. Sharavarshe shite sastres tata stresh cheva darune/Tayor yudam abud buya sarva loka bayan karam
12. Divyan astrani shataso mumuche yanya tambikaBabanja tani detiyendras tat prati gata kartrubi hi
13. Muktani tena chastrani diviyani parameshwariBanbanja lila yevogra hunkaroch charana dibi hi
14. Tata shara sater devi mach chadayata so asura haSapi tat kupita devi danush chich cheda cheshubi hi
15. Chin ne danushi detiyendras tata shakti mata dadeChich chechada devi chakrena tama piyasiya kare stitam
16. Tata kadga mupa daya shata chandram cha banumat teAbiyadava tada devim detiyanam adipeshwara ha
17. Tasiya patata evashu kadgam chich cheda chandikaDanur mukte siter banesh charma charka kara malam
18. Hata swa sa tada detiyash chin na danva visarati hiJagraha mud garam goram ambika nidano diyata ha
19. Chich cheda pata tastasiya mud garam nishite share heTatapi so abiyadavatam musti mudiyamya vegavan ne
20. Sa mustim pata yamasa hrudaye detiya pungavaDeviyastam chapi sa devi taleno rasiya tadayat te
21. Tala prahara bihato nipapata mahi tale Sa detiya raja sahasa punareva tato stita ha
22. Ut patiya cha pragru hiyoch cher devim gagana mastita haTatrapi sa nira dara yuyude tena chandika
23. Ni yudam ke tada detiyash chandika cha paras paramChakratu pratamam sida muni vismaya kara kam
24. Tato ni yudam suchiram krutwa tenambika sahaUt patiya bramaya masa chiksepa darani tale
25. Sa ksipto daranim prapiya mustim udiyamya vegita haAbiyada vata dustatma chandika nida nech chaya
26. Tam ayantam tato devi sarva detiya janeshwaramJagatiyam patayamasa bitwa shulena vakshasi
27. Sa gatasu paptorviyam devi shulagra vikshata haChalayan shakalam prutwim sabdi dwipam sa parvatam
28. Tata prasanama kilam hate tasmin durat maniJagat swastiya mativapa nirmalam chaba vanaba ha
29. Ut patamega solka ye pragasamste shamam yayu huSarito marga vahinyas tata samstatra patite
30. Tato deva gana sarve harsha nirbara manasa haBabuvur nihate tasmin gandarva lalitam jagu hu
31. Avadayams tate vanye nanrtush chapsaro gana haVavu punya stata vata suprabo bu diva kara ha
32. Ja jwalush chagnaya shanta shanta dig janita swana ha
Iti markandeya purane savarnike manwantare devi mahatmiye shumba vado nama damask adiyaya
Chapter 11: Prayer to Narayani
Om balara vidiyutim indu kiritam tunga kucham nayana traya yuktam
Smera mukim varadan kusha pasha biti karam prabaje buvaneshim
1. Om rishi ruvacha: -
2. Deviya hate tatra mahasurendraSendra sura vani puro gama stamKatiya yanim tustu varista labad deVikashi vaktrab javikashi tasha ha
3. Devi prapan narti hare prasidaPrasida matar jagata akilasiyaPrasida visweshwari pahi vishwamTwam ishwari devi chara charasiya
4. Adara buta jagatas twam ekaMahi swarupena yata stitasiApam swarupa stitaya twa yetat teDapiya yate krutsna malangiya viriye
5. Twam veshnavi shaktir ananta viriyaViswasiya bijam paramasi mayaSam mohitam devi samasta metat teTwam ve prasana buvi mukti hetu hu
6. Vidiya samasta stava devi beda haStriya samasta sakala jagatsuTwaye kaya puritam ambayetat teKa te stuti staviya para parok ti hi
7. Sarva buta yada devi swarga mukti prada yiniTwam stuta stutaye ka va bavantu paramok taya ha
8. Sarvasiya budi rupena janasiya hrudi sam stiteSwarga pavargade devi narayani namo stute
9. Kala kas tadi rupena parina ma prada yiniVishvasiyo parato shakte narayani namo stute
10. Sarva mangala mangaliye shive sarvarta sadikeSharanye triyambake gori narayani namo stute
11. Srusti stiti vinashanam shakti bute sana tani/Guna shraye guna maye narayani namo stute
12. Sarana gata dinarta paritrana parayaneSarvasiyarti hare devi narayani namo stute
13. Hamsa yukta vima naste bramani rupa dariniKosham baksha rike devi narayani namo stute
14. Trishula chandrahi dare maha vrushaba vahiniMaheshwari swarupena narayani namo stite
15. Mayura kuk kuda vrute maha shakti dare anage/Komari rupa samstane narayani namo stute
16. Shanka chakra gada sharnga grahita parama yudePrasida veshnavi rupe narayani namo stute
17. Grahi togra maha chakre damstrod druta vasum dareVaraha rupini shive narayani namo stute
18. Nrusimha rupeno grena hantum detiyan kruto diyameTrelokiya trana sahite narayani namo stute
19. Kiri tini maha vajre sahasra nayano jwaleVrutra prana hare chendri narayani namo stute
20. Shiva duti swarupena hata detiya maha baleGora rupe maha rave narayani namo stute
21. Damstra kara la vadane shiro mala vibusaneChamunde munda matane narayani namo stute
22. Lakshmi laj je maha vidiye shrade pusti swade druveMaha ratri maha maye narayani namo stute/
23. Mede saraswati vare buti babravi tamasiNiyate twam prasi dese narayani namo stute
24. Sarva swarupe sarveshe sarva shakti saman viteBaye biya strahi no devi durga devi namo stute
25. Eta te vadanam somiyam lochana traya busitamPatu na sarva biti biya katiya yani namo stute
26. Jwala kara la matiyu gram ashesasura sudanamTrishulam patu no biter badrakali namo stute
27. Hi nasti detiya tejam si swanena purya ya jagat teSa ganta patu no devi pape biyona suta niva
28. Asurasrug vasa panka charchitaste karo jwala haShubaya kadgo bavatu chandike twam nata vayam
29. Rogana shesa napa hamsi tustaRusta tu kaman sakalan abistan neTwam ma shri tanam navi pan na ranamTwam ma shrita hiyashra yatam prayanti
30. Etat krutam yat kadanam twa yadiyeDarma dwisam devi maha suranamRupe raneker bahuda atma murtimKru twambike tat prakaroti kanya
31. Vidiyasu shastresu viveka dipesVadiyesu vakiyesu cha ka twa danyaMama twa garte ati maha andakareVibrama yatiye tada tiva vishwam
32. Raksam si yatro gravisash cha nagaYatra rayo dasiyu balani yatraDava nalo yatra tatab di madiyeTatra stita twam pari pasi vishwam
33. Visweshwari twam pari pasi viswamVishwat mika dara yasiti vishwamVishwesha vandiya bavati bavantiVishwashraya ye twayi bakti namra ha
34. Devi prasida pari palaya no ari biterNitiyam yata asura vadada du neva sadiya haPapani sarva jagatam prashamam nayashuUt pata paka janitamsh cha maho pa sargan ne
35. Pranatam prasida twam devi vishwarti hari niTrelokiya vasina midiye lokanam varada bava
36. Deviyuvacha:
37. Varadaham suragana varam yan mana se chataTam vrunu dwam prayach chami jagatam upa kara kam
38. Deva uchu hu:
39. Sarva bada prashamanam trelokiya siya akileshwariEva meva twaya karyam asmad veri vinashanam
40. Devyuvacha:
41. Vevasten tare prapte asta vim shati me yugeShumbo nishumbhash chevanya vut patsiyete maha surao
42. Nanda gopa gruhe jata yashoda garba sam bavaTata sto nashayisiyami vindiya chalan vasini
43. Puna rapiyati rodrena rupena pruti vitaleAvatiriya hanisiyami veprachit tamstu danavan ne
44. Baksha yantiyash cha tanugran Veprachit tan mahasuran neRakta danta bavisiyanti dadimi kusumo pama ha
45. Tato mam devata swarge martiya loke cha manava haStuvanto viyaharisiyanti satatam rakta danti kam
46. Buyash cha shata varsikiya mana vrustiya manam basiMunibi sam stuta bumo samba visiyamiya yoni ja
47. Tata shatena netranam niri ksisiyami yan munin neKirta yisiyanti manuja shataksi miti mam tata ha
48. Tato ham akilam lokam atma deha samud bave heBarisiyami sura shaker avruste prana dara ke he
49. Shakam bariti vikiyata/m tada yasiya miyaham buviTatreva cha vadisiyami durgama akiyam maha suram50. Durga deviti vikiyatam tan me nama bavisiyati Punash chaham yada bimam rupam krutva himachale
51. Raksham si baksa yisiyami muninam trana kara nat teTada mam munaya sarve stosiyantiya namra murtaya ha
52. Bima deviti vikiyatam tanme nama bavishiyati Yada runa kiyas trelokiye maha badam karisiyati
53. Tada ham bramaram rupam krutwa asam kiyeyasat padamTrelokiyasiya hitar taya vadisiyami mahasuram
54. Bramariti cha mam loka stada stosiyanti sarva ta ha Itam yada yada baha dana vota bavisiyati
55. Tada tada vatiriyaham karisiyam yari sam ksayam
Iti markandeya purane savarnike manwantaredevi mahatmiyenarayani stutir nama ekadaso adiyayaChapter 12: The greatness of the story of Devi
Om vidiyud dama sama prabam mruga pati skanda stitam bisanam kanya bi kara vala keta vilasad dasta bira sevitam
Hastesh chakra gadasi keta vishi kamsh chapam gunam tar janim bibra namana lat mikan shashi daram durgam trinetram baje1. Devyuvacha:
2. Ebi stavesh cha mam nitiyam stoshiyate ya sama hitaTasiya ham sakala badam nasha yishiyama sam shayam
3. Madu kedaba nasham cha mahishasura gata namKirta yisiyanti ye tadwad vadam shumba nishumbayoho
4. Astamiyam cha chatur dasiyam nava miyam cheka cheka cheta haShrosiyanti cheva ye baktiya mama mahat miyamuta mam
5. Na tesham duskrutam kin chid dus kruto tana chapadaBavisiyati na dari driyam na chevesta viyo janam
6. Shatruto na bayam tasiya dashiyuto va na raja ta haNa shastrana lato yogat kada chit sam bavisiyati
7. Tasman mame tan mahat miyam patita viyam sama hite heShrota viyam cha sada baktiya param swastiya yanam hi tat te
8. Upa sarga nashesam stu maha mari samud bavan neTata trivida mut patam mahat miyam shama yen mama
9. Yatre tat patiyate samyan nitiya maya tane mamaSada na ta dwimok shiyami sam nidiyam tatra me stitam
10. Bali pradane pujayam agni karye mahot saveSarvam ma metach charitamuch chariyam shraviyam eva cha
11. Janata ajanata vapi bali pujam tata krutamPratich chisiya miyaham pritiya vani homam tata krutam
12. Sharat kale maha puja kriyate ya cha varshikiTasiyam mame tan mahat miyam shrutwa bakti saman vita ha
13. Sarva bada vinir mukto dana danya sutan vita haManu shiyo mat prasadena bavisiyati na sam shaya ha
14. Shrutwa mame tan mahat miyam tata chot pataya shubaPara kramam cha yudeshu jayate nirbaya puman ne
15. Ripava samksayam yanti kaliyanam cho papa diyateNandate cha kulam pumsam mahat miyam mama shrun vatam
16. Shanti karmani sarvatra tata du swapna darshaneGraha pidasu chograsu mahat miyam srunuya mama
17. Upasarga shamam yanti gruha pidash cha daruna haDu swapnam cha nrubhir drustam su swapna mupa jayate
18. Bala grahabi butanam balanam shanti kara kamSam gata bede cha nrunam metre kara namut tamam
19. Durvru tanama shesanam bala hani karam paramRaksho buta pisha chanam patana deva nashanam
20. Sarvam mame tan mahat miyam mama san nidi kara kamPashu puspar giyadupesh cha ganda dipes tato ta me21. Vipranam bojaner home prokshani yera har nishamAnyesh cha vivider boge pradaner vatsa rena ya
22. Pritir me kriyate sasmin sukrut sucharite shruteShrutam harati papani tata rogiyam praya chati
23. Raksham karoti bute biyo jan manam kirta nam ma maYudeshu charitam yan me dusta detiya nibar hanam
24. Tasmin chrute veri krutam bayam pumsam na jayateYusmabi stutayo yash cha yash cha brama rishi bi kruta ha
25. Bramana cha kruta stastu prayach chanti shubam matim Aranye prantare vapi davagni parivarita ha
26. Dasiyu birva vruta shunye grahito vapi shatrubi hiSimha viyagranuyato va vane va vana hasti bi hi
27. Ragna krudena chagnapto vadiyo banda gato-opi vaAgu rnito va vatena stita pote mahar nave
28. Patatsu chapi shastresu sam grame brusha daruneSarva badasu gorasu vedana biyardito-opi va
29. Smaran mametach charitam naro muchiyeta sanka tat Mama prabavat simhadiya dasiya vo verinas tata
30. Duradeva pala yante smaratash charitam mama
31. Rishi ruvacha:
32. It yuktwa sa bagavati chandika chanda vikrama
33. Pashiyatam eva devanam tatre vantara diyata Tepi deva niratan ka swadi karan yata pura
34. Yagna baga buja sarve chakrur vini hata raya ha Detiyash cha deviya nihate shumbe deva ripo yudi
35. Jagad vidwam sini tasmin mahogre atula vikrameNishumbe cha maha viriye shesa patala maya yu hu
36. Evam bagavati devi sa nitiyapi puna puna haSambuya kurute bupa jagata pari palanam
37. Taye tan mohiyate vishwam seva vishwam prasuyateSa yachita cha vijanam tuhta /rudim prayach chaii
38. Viyaptam tayetat sakalam bramandam manujeshwaraMaha kaliya maha kale maha mari swarupaya
39. Seva kale maha mari seva shrusti bavatyajaStidim karoti butanam seva kale sanata ni
40. Bava kale nrunam seva lakshmir vrudi prada greheSeva bave tada lakshmir vinasha yopajayate
41. Stuta sam pujita pushper dupa ganda bis tataDadati vitam putramsh cha matim darme gatim shubam
Iti markandeya purane savarnike manwantare devi mahat miyedevi charitta mahat miyam namedwadaso adiyaya
Chapter 13: The getting of boons by Suradha and Vaisya
Om balar kaman dalabasam chaturbahum trilochanam pashan kusha varabitir dara yantim shivam baje
1. Om rishi ruvacha:
2. Etate katitam bupa devi mahat miya muta mamEvam prabava sa devi yayedam dariyate jagat te
3. Vidiya tateva kriyate bagawad vishnu mayayaTaya twamesa veshiyash cha tate vanye vivekina ha
4. Mo hiyante mohitash cheva moha mesiyanti chapareTam upehi maha raja sharanam parameshwarim
5. Aradita seve nrunam boga swarga pavar gada
6. Markandeya uvacha:
7. Iti tasiya vacha shrutwa surata sa naradipa ha
8. Prani patiya maha bagam tam rusim sham stita vratamNir vinno atimam atwena rajiya pahara nena cha
9. Jagama sadiyas tapase sa cha veshiyo maha muneSam darshanar tam ambaya nadi pulina sam stita ha
10. Sa cha veshiya tapa stape devi suktam param japan neTo tasmin puline deviya krutwa murthim mahi mayim
11. Arhanam chakra tastasiya puspa dup agni tarpane heNiraharo yata haro tan manas ko sama hitao
12. Dada tustut balin cheva nija gatra sruguksi tam Evam samaradayato stribir varsher ya tata mano ho
13. Paritusta jagad datri pratiya ksam praha chandika
14. Devyuvacha:
15. Yat prartiyate twaya bupa twaya cha kula nandanaMatastat prapiya tam sarvam pari tusta dadami vam
16. Markandeya uvacha:
17. Tato vavre nrupo rajiyam avi bram shiyanya janmani Atrevi cha nijam rajiyam hata shatru balam balat te
18. So pi veshiyas tato gnana vavre nirvi nama nasa ha Mametiya hamiti pragna sanga vichiyuti kara kam
19. Devyuavacha:
20. Swalpera hobir nrupate swam rajiyam prapshiyate bavan
21. Hatwa ripunas kalitam tatra tava bavisiyati
22. Mrutash cha buya sam prapiya jan ma devad vivaswata ha
23. Savarniko nama manur bavan buvi bavisiyati
24. Veshiya varya twaya yash cha varo asmato abivan chita ha
25. Tam prayach chami samsidiye tava gnanam bavisiyati
26. Markandeya uvacha:
27. Iti datwa tayor deva yata bila shitam varam
28. Babu vantar hita sadiyo baktiya tabiyam abistuta Evam deviya varam lab dwa surata ksatriyar saba
29. Surya janma sama sadiya savanir bavita manu
30. Evam deviya varam lab dwa surata ksatriyar saba ha Surya janma sama sadiya savanir bavita manu
klim om
Iti markandeya purane savarnike manwantare devi mahat miye surada veysiyor vara pradanam nama trayodasor adiyaya ha

Sidda Kunjika Stotram
The Hymn of the Key Mantras to the Perfection of the Chandi Recitation
Shiva uvach:
1. Shrunu devi pravaksiyami kunjika stotram utam Yena mantra praba vena chandija pa shubo bavet
2. Na kavacham nargala stotram kilakam na rahasiya kam na sukatam nap diyanam ca na niyaso na cha vacranam
3. Kunjika pata matrna durga pata palam labet ati guhiyataram devi devana mapi durla bam
4. Gopaniyam prayat nene swayoniriva parvati maranam mohanam vasiyam stambano chata nadikam pata matrena sam sidiyet kunijka stotram uta mam:
(the mantra)
Om aim hrim klim chamudaye viche om glaum hum klim jum sa jwalaya jwalaya jwala jwalaprajwala prajwala aim hrim klim chamudaye viche jwala ham sam lam ksam pat swaha
(end of the mantra)
1. Namaste rudra rupinye namaste madu mardini namah ketaba harinye namaste mahishardini
2. Namaste shumba hantriye ca nishumbasuragatini jagratam hi maha devi japam sidam kurushwa me aim kari srusti rupaye hrim kari prati palika
3. Klim kari kama rupinye bija rupe namo stu te chamunda chanda gati cha ye kari varadayini
5. Viche chabayada nitiyam namaste mantra rupinin
6. Dham dhim dhum dhurjate patni vam vim vum vagadishwari
Kram krim krum kalika devi sham shim shum me shubam
7. Hum hum humkara rupinye jam jam jam jamba nadini Bram brim brum badre bavanye te namo
8. Am kam cham tam tam pam yam sham vim dum aim vim ham ksam dijagram dijagram trotaya trotaya diptam diptam kuru kuru swaha
Pam pim pum parvati purna kam kim kum kechari tata
9. Sam sim sum sapta shati deviya mantra sidim kuru shwa me

idam tu kujika stotram mantra jagarti hetave abakte neva dataviyam gopitam raksh parvati
yastu kujikaya devi hinam sapta shatim patet na tasiya jayate sidi aranye rodanam yata
Om aim hrim klim chamudaye viche om glaum hum klim jum sa jwalaya jwalaya jwala jwalaprajwala prajwala aim hrim klim chamudaye viche jwala ham sam lam ksam pat Swaha.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Mantrahinam Kriyahinam Baktihinam Majeshwari
Yad pujitam Maya Devi paripurnam tadastute
Kayena vacha manas endriyerva
Budi atma nava prakritehe swabavat
karomi yadyat samkalam parasme narayaneti samparme
Om ta sarvam ambaparnum astu
Om tat grivalam pranami
Nitya twadiya charanam kamalani sharanam madiyam
avaham najanami
najanami visarjanam
pujacheva najanami kshamasura
yatkrutam yatkarishyiyami tat sarvam
puja purna palam kuru

In service of God and Guru,