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Amma Chalisa by Sanatan Ravidas

Amma Chalisa - by Sanatan Ravidas
By the Grace of God and Guru,

it is with great devotion i share with you The Amma Chalisa by Sanatan Ravidas,(the phala shruti by kirstan kirstanuci)

in service of God and Guru
kirstan kirstanuci


O Mother Amritanandamayi,
We bow at Your Holy Lotus Feet
And pray for Your love to be with us always
And fill our hearts eternally

O Amma You are our one and only,
So we pray to You for Your Grace,
Please reveal Yourself and protect us always
With Your compassionate face

Siya Vara Mata Amritanandamayi Devi Pada Jai Sharanam
Mata Amritanandamayi Devi Pada Jai Sharanam

You came out blue just like Krishna
You didn’t even make a sound

You came out smiling as if to tell everyone
That they could never hold You down

You cried to the Lord with tears in Your eyes
You even fell down on the ground

Who ever could imagine that little fisher girl
Would live a life so profound

When they ridiculed You, You said just wait
One day you’ll wait in line just to see me,

How could they ever have known that girl
They never understood was really Devi

You knew all about Krishna without being taught
And gave everything You could to the distraught

You bathed them and fed them and even got beat for them,
And You still didn’t even stop

Seeing all the suffering you wanted to immerse Yourself in fire,
Can we ever know how much You really care

You said if it is my children’s karma to suffer
Then My karma is to make their pain Mine to bear

Who ever would have known You were the Goddess of Compassion,
If only they’d seen Your long shining black hair

Pure love in human form, never thinking of Yourself,
Amma in this world You are so rare

One day when walking home You heard devotees singing to Krishna,
And you showed them who You really are

Everyone who saw You was in awe and said the same thing,
That they had just seen Lord Krishna

You went to the temple and stood frozen just like Durga,
The family You were with became afraid

Then along came the lady who pointed to Devi and to You and said,
Don’t you see these two are the same

Oh Sat Guru all the Gods are in You
And you see nothing apart from Your own Self

How can we ever comprehend how to help suffering beings,
You’re happy exchanging heaven for hell

When Your first children came they pleaded to Your father
To let them stay to be with You

They slept in the sand out under the stars
just to be with their Guru

They knew that You were the Lord incarnate in human form,
and the name they naturally called You was Amma

Oh Daughter of Sugunanandan and Damayanti,
You are our very own Krishna

For Your devotees You are our hearts delight,
You are our Ishwara

We are so lucky to have You Amma
We don’t even realize how lucky we are

When the people asked You for a miracle You said okay I’ll do it once,
I came to remove your desires not give you more

The milk became pudding and the little jug fed everyone
They had only ‘heard’ of such things before

Your Prasad tasted so sweet and You didn’t stop until everyone had some,
You silently told them of Your whole life to come

Everyone who really seeks to know You gets turned in to pure love,
And no one ever gets away without a hug

With sincere yearning we can pull You to us by the force of our love,
Just like you did Lord Sri Krishna

When you told the devotees someday You’d all be travelling around the world,
They couldn’t fathom it at all

But soon enough Your children in countries far and wide,
All started to call

Hearing the cries of their hearts You couldn’t resist and flew to see them,
And would even manifest in the form of a doll

Hanuman jumped across the ocean but Amma just took an airplane,
You teach us how to be practical

Your devotees gather all over the world to love and serve You
Thank You for opening our hearts and giving us each other

Amma You know that every single one of us,
Would be so lost without our Mother

Our bad tendencies are no match for You,
You destroy them all with just one look

Oh Incarnation of Love and Grace,
Your life is The Holy Book

Wondrous Goddess Precious Goddess,
With love and humility I bow to Thee

And Amma like the moon shining through the darkness
You mean everything to me

This humble devotee begs for the dust of Your Feet,
Please Please Amma remain in my heart forever and don’t ever ever leave

O Mother whose religion is love and compassion
You destroy our endless night

Please give us Real Devotion and Perfect Faith
And merge us eternally in Your Love and Light

-- thus ends the Amma Chalisa of Sanatan Ravidas;
the phala shruti below by Kirstan Kirstanuci:

The reading, hearing, listening, reciting, chanting and singing of the Amma Chalisa will bring You to Her Lotus Feet and instills devotion supreme, grants liberation, attains the non-dual state, and grants all desires-wishes like the Kalpa Vriksha - the wish-fulfilling tree...without a doubt.

Amma Chalisa (c) 2007 Sanatan Ravidas
Phala Shruti of Amma Chalisa (c) 2007 Kirstan Kirstanuci

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